7 Homeschool Winter Activities

Dec 28, 2023

Enjoy the Winter Learning Possibilities!

Some families suffer from the after holiday letdown. After all the energy that was put into the holiday season from October - January 1, some folks may have a huge letdown that can bring on the "after holiday blues". You and, or, your children may have a hard time getting up in the morning and lack the motivation that was there throughout the holidays.

Worry not, dear home or school educator! Winter can be a time to look forward to learning. There's so much learning magic to be enjoyed during the winter months, especially outdoors!

7 Fun Winter Activities for Kids

Want to breeze through the homeschool learning winter season?

Check out my top 7 ways to keep the kiddos busy with these fun winter activities this year.

1. Get outdoors for at least an hour per day for free play. Remember, children learn best through free play led by the children, NOT the adults. Read John Holt's unschooling books for a big eye opening read!

2. Bundle up and go on a nature walk. Look for winter birds, animal tracks, and observe the winter plant life.

3. Enjoy winter sports: Go slay riding, snow shoeing, cross-country skiing. This is learning too!

4. Do winter themed arts and crafts.

5. Write winter themed poetry and stories.

6. Do plenty of daily winter themed storybook read alouds. These read alouds can naturally inspire fun child-led projects, plays, and stories.

7. Get NatureGlo's Geometric Beauty of Snowflakes online unit study or downloadable curriculum. For decades now, my homeschool and school learners of all ages have loved and adored deep-diving into the cozy DFY unit study about the life and photographic works of America's first snowflake photographer, Wilson Bentley, "the Snowflake man."

Learners enjoy the projects and activities that get them outdoors chasing around looking at snowflakes just like Wilson Bentley did (if your region gets snow) and even preserving the snow crystals on microscope slides!

Don't get snow?

No problem!

You can still enjoy all of the Geometric Beauty of Snowflakes winter-themed learning and activities with or without snow!

What's Inside of NatureGlo's Geometric Beauty of Snowflakes Online Unit Study?

  • Video lessons led by me, NatureGlo
  • Snowflake science activities
  • Snowflake art projects
  • Study guide

Don't want or need the online course?

Get NatureGlo's Geometric Beauty of Snowflakes curriculum download only.

Who's the downloadable curriculum for?

1. Great for teachers or home educators that want to direct the child's learning experience themselves.


2. For children who don't prefer online learning.

My hope is that you and your learners will enjoy the winter learning opportunities ahead of you.

Winter homeschool or classroom learning doesn't have to be something to dread, but, rather, something that you and the children can welcome and look forward to.

Got questions about winter learning?

Leave a comment below and I'll joyfully reply to you!

Happy winter learning!

Talk soon,