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"Finally, An Online Math Experience That Turns Resistant Learners Into Ravenous Life-long Mathematicians And Artists While Studying the life of Wilson Snowflake Bentley With Little To No Prep Time, Without Any Teaching Experience, Guaranteed."


Have you ever wondered how all the "other" homeschool families are thriving using those enviably relaxed "out-of-the-box" homeschool styles like unschooling or homeschool unit study? You know EXACTLY who I'm talking about...

You've seen their kiddos pictures on Facebook, Instagram, or on your favorite homeschool blog always happily engaged, smiling, and doing cool child self-directed projects like "wildschooling" all of their math in the great outdoors.

Meanwhile, you're at the kitchen table with your child slogging away at your THIRD curriculum fail, pulling your hair out trying to get your child to finish that wretched math worksheet.


But, you have to think these people must have gifted kids, or the parents have some teaching degree, or be veteran homeschoolers to always have their kids so highly engaged, right? All of that might be true. Yet, you too can adopt a more relaxed pace in your homeschool by letting go of unwanted curriculum, and making the leap to follow delight-driven learning aka your child's latest top interests with the help of a succint, no fluff unit study planner with MORE THAN enough space to plan your child's latest red-hot learning addiction, I mean, curiosity.


Hi, my name is Gloria! That's me and my homeschool nature program crew doing a patterns in nature unit study. I've been a homeschool unit study specialist since 2010, and the #1 thing I get asked by homeschool parents is, "How the heck do I let go of curriculum to follow my child's interests? Won't they miss something?"

If you're like 99% of homeschool moms, you probably hear that nagging voice inside of your head saying often, "I'm not doing enough for my kids!" or, "I'm failing my kids education!"

Sometimes that internal voice comes to a screaming high pitched frenzy yelling at you saying, "Send them all back to school!"

You might have even signed them up already at your local public school for next year.

Well, I'm here to change all that! I want to show you how you can absolutely capture your child's exciting delight-driven learning moments with a straight to the point, cutting edge unit study planner.

You don't need to be a certified teacher or a veteran homeschooler to do unit studies because I've boiled down the very best of my 25+ years of professional unit study planning expertise into a simple, step-by-step unit study planner bundle.

I call it,


Geometric Beauty of Snowflakes Unit Study

where we study the life and artistic snowflake photograph

of Wilson "Snowflake Bentley".


And inside this planner bundle, I am going to guide you on how to plan an easy, on the fly unit study filling your homeschool year with red-hot, sizzling, perfectly captured family learning moments and memories that would make even the most popular 'Blogger homeschool moms' squeal in delight at photos of your kids learning activities! This easy to use step-by-step unit study planner bundle is superb for capturing all of your family's top learning curiosities starting with your child's most recent interests.

Here's What You'll Discover

  • Get lifetime access to easy to use courseware guiding your child through an engaging snowflakes unit study experience that could replace most or all of your unwanted curriculum for up to several months with delight-driven learning...

  • My pre-recorded lesson videos that alleviates the fear of making sure math, science, and history core subjects are covered that will make it feel like you have a professional educator following you around everywhere you go...

  • Guidance through my 4 vital unit study planning steps that can turn any homeschool into a year filled with stunning memories that your kids will love...

  • Why you should avoid creating unit studies without your kids input like the plague, and how I remind you to consult with your kids throughout the planning process.



Here's Everything You Get:


3 modules and 8 Video Lessons with master teacher, Gloria Brooks aka NatureGlo

This unique snowflakes video series will help you address science, math, history, and art core subjects so that you won't need to worry if you're giving each subject ample coverage or not.

($500 Value)


Downloads: 3 Slideshow Lessons

Get instant access to NatureGlo's most updated Geometric Beauty of Snowflakes Slideshow pdf for you and your kiddos to reference quickly and easily!

($100 Value)


The Fillable Mini Unit Study Planner

Download my quick Snowflakes Student Journal to ensure that your child is setup for writing success and help them stay organized! ($15 Value)

($15 Value)


Lifetime Access!

Immediate lifetime access to the course and yours to keep throughout your homeschool career! ($1000 Value)

($100 Value)

Prices May Go Up Soon, so, don't wait and Miss Out!









Claim These THREE Free Bonus Gifts With Your Order Today!


Bonus #1: Geometric Snowflakes Activity Guide

This activity guide is sure to keep your kids well engaged with the wonder and beauty of nature's geometric patterns found in snowflakes. The guide includes video exercises, activities, and writing prompts so that your child is independently well on their way to cross-curricular learning success.

($50 Value)


Bonus #2: Student Projects & Activities

I've done all the Internet scouring for you hunting down the best of the best resources for your child to complete fascinating and engaging snowflake math projects so that you can sit back and watch them create!

($100 Value)


Bonus #3: Inspire Your Homeschool Math and Science with This Vintage Snowflake eBook with Charming Templates

Learn the basic philosophy and methodology NatureGlo uses in her unit studies so that you can start implementing tips and tricks from a unit study specialist since 1998.

($500 Value)


Get NatureGlo's Geometric Beauty of Snowflakes Online Unit Study Normally $67, today just $27!

Our 100% 14-day Money Back Guarantee!

I believe that you are going to absolutely fall in love with this unit study bundle. If you're not happy with it, I'll send back every penny you paid within my 14-day guarantee.