Make Your Learner's Math & Science Experience Memorable This Holiday Season!

Join Me For An Entertaining AND Educational "MathArt" Experience In 

The Geometric Beauty Of Snowflakes Online 3-lesson Class!

Are you and your learners experiencing homeschool math and or science curriculum boredom or burnout?

Do you struggle to prepare for your learners' upcoming science and or math lessons? Do you feel knots in your stomach when you consider preparing for that middle or high school science lab or cringe at the thought of that next geometry lesson? Why is education such a bore? Are the kids asking you, "When will we need this anyway," followed by groans and moans.

overwhelmed mother

This is you when thinking about putting together those math and science lessons.

Is your homeschooler bored?

Is your homeschooler bored to death of math and science? Do they wonder when in the world they're ever going to use this in real life? What's up with all this busy work anyway? Why can't learning be more fun, interesting and engaging?

When are we going to need this in real life?

How the Snowflakes Class Came to Be

The Geometric Beauty of Snowflakes online class is a culmination of almost 15 years of research and field work with my students and I, both online and offline. The class was brought online in 2011 when I began my company, NatureGlo’s eScience. The Geometric Beauty of Snowflakes online unit study is a 3-lesson class. Students learn basic geometry, snow physics, and victorian history. Students can create a snowflake project of their choice with the given web resources for the class.

"Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results." -Albert Einstein

If you continue down this path, things won't get better or easier for you or your learner.

If you’re struggling and or are burnt out trying to prepare for your learners’ upcoming holiday season science and or math lessons, make their experience memorable by joining other homeschoolers from around the world in the Geometric Beauty of Snowflakes live or self-paced online class. It integrates mathematics, snow crystal types geometry, the biography of Wilson Bentley, America’s first snow physicist and art. This class offers many "mathart" project ideas where students can engage and experience the connections between geometry and snow crystal science and art.

snowflake art

A Bored Learner?

If your learner is bored to death of math and or science, they can come and enjoy real world connections with geometry and snowflakes in the Geometric Beauty of Snowflakes online class. They will see real world connections between geometry and snow crystal types. Students are invited to create an original project integrating geometry, art and snow crystals. Learning about this topic will take you and your family on a learning journey hours and potentially days or weeks beyond the online learning experience.

Have a look at these snowflakes' geometry as they grow (used in NatureGlo's class curriculum)

Check out some of these beautiful projects students of mine have presented over the years in the Geometric Beauty of Snowflakes class!

Echos snowflakes

Echo T. - Jan. 2015 MathArt student created this set of beautiful snowflake paper art.

Maryam A. - Jan. 2015 Mathart student created this "Hexagonal Paper Snowflake."

JoJo's Sectored Plate Snowflake

JoJo B. - Jan. 2015 MathArt student created this remarkable sectored plate snowflake drawing.

Read these happy parent testimonials!

"We love NatureGlo's eScience! My daughters have been taking courses from Gloria for a few years now, and have enjoyed every one of them. She puts a lot of time and effort into the materials to give a lot of information in a way that is interesting to students. She also does a great job of keeping class on topic and monitoring the student communication to keep it a positive, enjoyable atmosphere for all." -Caneel C. Texas

Melinda Ledman and Family

"Gloria has been an absolute delight for my kids! They have taken several classes and loved the online interaction with both Gloria and other children from all over the world. Since there is no official 'homework,' my kids feel free to explore the topics for fun. When something of interest takes hold, they have the liberty and enthusiasm to design their own creative projects." Melinda Ledman, Texas

About the Teacher

Gloria Brooks founder of NatureGlo's eScience

Gloria Brooks, aka NatureGlo, founder of NatureGlo's eScience, is a full-time RVer on the west coast, US. Gloria has been teaching young people since 1997, when she was just fresh out of college! She hold's a bachelor's degree in K - 12 education, has taught all grades and most subjects. In 2003, NatureGlo found her niche teaching zoology, Marine Biology, rocks and minerals, botany, and a unique math enrichment course, called MathArt. She has been teaching live online classes to homeschool students since 2011.

So, what's in NatureGlo's "secret" online classes sauce?

Live Class

  • One price for the whole family
  • Suggested for ages 8 and up
  • *PLEASE NOTE: All classes are taught from a neutral worldview. I do not address origins, including Creation nor Evolution in my direct teaching.
  • Highly interactive experience
  • Student use of mics and webcams for realtime interaction
  • Students meet other homeschoolers from around the world
  • Use of the Zoom live classroom
  • Frequent opportunities for student sharing via "show-and-tell" style or formal presentation
  • Courseware with progress button
  • Comments box for students sharing links to their work
  • Slideshow with activity guide downloads
  • Recordings available if you can't attend the live classes  
  • Additional content available for continued student learning beyond the live or recorded class experience

All live sessions will be recorded and made available for later viewing if you can't attend the live class. 

All students will have access to the recordings, downloads and courseware up to a year after enrollment.

Here are the live class dates. 

Please mark your calendar:

Tuesday, December 12, 2017, 11 - 12 pm Central.

Thursday, December 14, 2017, 11 - 12 pm Central

Tuesday, December 19, 2017, 11 - 12 pm Central

A Little Birdie Told Me you might think these:

Our family doesn't have time for online classes. Our schedule is packed this holiday season.  This is why I shortened the class to a 2-week, 3-lesson live or self-paced pre-recorded session. You can see for yourself that the curriculum is easily adaptable and will enrich and enliven your current math and or science curriculum.

I can't afford online classes. The Geometric Beauty of Snowflakes live class is priced very affordably. 

Our kids don't do well with written work. Do they have to complete each lesson's study guides?
No. Students can just enjoy the live class experience. There is no obligation to complete work for the class. NatureGlo's eScience leaves amount of work to parental/student needs and wants for the class outcome.

Live online class with NatureGlo available for the FIRST 15 families.

Single Payment of


*One price for the whole family

*Suggested for ages 8 and up

* 3 Live online classes with NatureGlo

* All live classes recorded for viewing later or if you can't join the live classes

* 3 Slideshows with accompanying activity guide

* 1-year of access to online courseware

* Live class enrollment limited to 15 students

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