Students are inspired to learn and retain 

math & science through a self-paced learning experience. 

Starting with math and science, we cover multiple subjects for homeschool students ages 10 and up.

Does your child love studying the natural world, but, there's not enough time in a day to focus on it as much as they want? Is your day PACKED and are you stressed out trying to cover all the subjects, even the ones your child dislikes? You can skip all that unnecessary work and headache and combine other subjects with their love for studying the natural world.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • 1
    Your're tired of spending hours and days coming up with the next STEAM or STEAM-inspired lessons. It takes tons of time to prepare those materials or find the lesson plans. 
  • 2
    Your family is tired of keeping up with the homeschool Jones'. You're constantly running out to the next co-op, book club or whatever. You would like to have a more relaxed at home learning experience on your own scheduling terms. 
  • 3
    Are you done splicing together math and or science curriculum that's not really working for your child? 
  • 4
    YOU LIKE RELAXED ECLECTIC or use no curriculum at all, but, you're afraid to take the plunge and drop the dry curriculum with math and science. 
  • 5
    YOU'VE TRIED SO MANY MATH AND SCIENCE CURRICULUMS AND METHODS but, you are still struggling to find consistent and successful teaching and learning results. 

Thankfully, you can now move beyond all those.

Enter NatureGlo's MathArt & natural science 

self-paced online Courses 1-year membership!

NatureGlo's eScience is a homeschool math and science self-paced online experience for students ages 10 and up.

​Students study non-faith, nature-based math enrichment, life, and earth science with core subject connections.

NatureGlo's MathArt and Science Membership


Build a homeschool math and natural science curriculum your family will love. NatureGlo's eScience generates impressive learning outcomes AND inspires learning beyond the online class experience.

Save you time by letting me teach these time consuming and challenging subjects for you.


Exercise important study skills such as keeping a journal and creating research projects around their favorite math and science topics.

Develop project research and presentation skills. This enables students to fully research, study, and create something unique to share with others.

Stay on track for a career in math, life and earth sciences. Few online homeschool programs allow students to really have a personalized career focus.

What Makes Us Different?


Access NatureGlo's 20+ years teaching experience with a proven track record of successful student learning outcomes. NatureGlo has led home and school learning experiences across a broad range of educational settings.


NatureGlo has spent countless hours studying math and its relations to the plant and animal kingdom. She's had years of "dirt time", studying nature's patterns right IN nature.


Few, if any, online learning systems include eclectic and unit study style learning with a focus on math and science. There are outdoor nature programs galore. However, NatureGlo's online math and science incorporates outdoor learning with other academic subjects including history, language arts, literature, art, and music.

Meet NatureGlo

Hi, I'm Gloria, aka NatureGlo,  founder and the lead teacher at NatureGlo's eScience. I've spent years helping homeschoolers like you inspire their math and science learning.

I hold a degree in K - 12 education with over 20 years of experience teaching grade school students in various educational settings. My progressive learning methods and strategies have been a driving force behind envisioning, writing and creating innovative math and science learning for thousands of students and families in private school, tutoring, a homeschool nature center and now online.

In March 2011, NatureGlo's eScience was opened. I decided to take all of my educational knowledge and experience and use it to help homeschool families like you achieve success using math and science as the backbone for learning the rest of the subjects. 

Leading Homeschool & Teaching companies trust in NatureGlo's eScience:

Here's what you get when you enroll:


Each lesson is guided by pre-recorded videos. In my main lesson videos, I teaches from the lesson slideshow. Additional lesson activities are included such as hands-on projects, art connections, quizzes, stories, and more. 


You get one year of access to all 20+ of NatureGlo's MathArt and natural science online courses. Downloadable content, which you can keep forever includes slideshows and study guide per lesson. Additionally, you get a buffet style of ideas for student projects.


Students can easily go through lessons, mark them complete, get achievements, and see their progress.


I pose interactive questions per lesson for students to answer in a comments box. I will respond to student questions and comments M - F within 24 hours. Usually sooner.

Enroll now and get immediate access to ALL 20+ MathArt and science

Self-paced Video Courses

for ages 10 and up.

I'll help you meet your math,

science and other subjects state requirements this homeschool year!

9 MathArt Courses

What is MathArt? MathArt is an educational journey showing how math relates to the real world around us. It shows the rich and beautiful connections there are between math, science, history, literature, music, culture, and the natural world.

Introduction to MathArt

Intro to MathArt - 1 Lesson

Duration: 1 - 2 hours

Discover the history of the golden ratio and Fibonacci numbers, where they're found in nature and how they're used in art, architecture, music and more! They can even be found right in your own backyard. 

MathArt - Patterns and Shapes in Nature Online Class

Patterns & Shapes in Nature - 1 Lesson

Duration: 1 - 2  hours

Explore the most common patterns found in nature from circular patterns to lines, curves, hexagons, and fractals. Your children can go on a treasure hunt looking for nature's patterns everywhere. 

math connections with the real world

Math Connections with the Real World

6-lesson Unit Study

Duration:  6 - 12 hours

Go into great depth with cross-curricular connections exploring the golden ratio and Fibonacci numbers. Learn how to find them in art, nature, architecture and more. 

MathArt in the Arts & Sciences

6-lesson Unit Study

Duration: 6 - 12 hours

Study cross-curricular connections in the life and mathematical art of Italian Pierro della Francesca (1462 - 1492), Australian Aboriginals & Celtic art. 

MathArt in Ancient Cultures online class

MathArt in Ancient Cultures

6-lesson Unit Study

Duration: 6 - 12 hours

Discover cross-curricular explorations in ancient Babylon, Greece, India, Mexico, the Middle East, and famous Greek philosopher, Pythagoras.

MathArt - Patterns in Nature 6-week Online Homeschool Class with NatureGlo

MathArt: Patterns in Nature

6-lesson Unit Study

Duration: 6 - 12 hours

Explore the connections relating geometry with circular and animal coat patterns, hexagons, and the logarithmic spiral.

Leonardo da Vinci

The Life & Mathematical Art of Leonardo da Vinci - 2 Lessons

Duration: 2 - 4 hours

Explore Leonardo's life and how he used the golden ratio in his most famous paintings. Students will be amazed at seeing the golden ratio in the Mona Lisa, Last Supper and more!

The Life & Mathematical Art of M.C. Escher

The Life & Mathematical Art of M.C. Escher - 2 Lessons

Duration: 2 - 4 hours

Check out the amazing life and artwork of famed Dutch artist, M.C. Escher (1898 - 1972). Explore how he used tessellations (shapes without gaps or overlaps) in his art.


Bubbleology - 1 Lesson

Duration: 1 - 3 hours

Look at beautiful soap bubbles, their physics, mathematics, and intriguing art connections!

14 Science Courses

8 Marine Biology Courses

tide pool communities

Tide Pool Communities - 1 Lesson

Duration: 1 - 3 hours

Students dip their toes into studying tide pool community life. This is an opportunity to see how a small ecosystem such as tidepools work. Tide pool animals are well adapted to survive harsh conditions yet thrive. Students are invited to create a projects about their learning.

Marine Zoology - Mandarinfish, Hermit Crabs and Queen Conch

Marine Zoology: Mandarinfish, Hermit Crab, and Queen Conch - 3 Lessons

Duration: 3  - 6 hours

Check out the remarkable and gorgeous mandarinfish, one of the most colorful animals on the planet. Get a glimpse into the secret lives of the Hermit crabs. See how the Queen conchs live their intrepid lives out while avoiding being overfished.

marine zoology II

Marine Zoology: Seahorses, Beluga Whale, and Loggerhead Sea Turtle - 3 Lessons

Duration: 3 - 6 hours

Did you know that the remarkable seahorse dads give birth to their own babies! Imagine riding the back of a loggerhead sea turtle while learning to ID them by counting the numbers of scales on their backs. Enjoy exploring the lives of the belugas and why they're called the canaries of the sea!

Marine Zoology - Oceanography, Marine Invertebrates and Plants

Marine Biology: Oceanography, Marine Plants and Invertebrates - 6 Lessons

Duration: 12 - 18 hours

This is an introduction to basic oceanographic principles and marine plant and invertebrate biology. Students study marine physics, chemistry, plants such as algae, and invertebrates such as corals and jellyfish. This is a great starter course for new Marine Biology students.

Dramatic Deep Sea Creatures online course

Mareing Biology: Dramatic Deep Sea Creatures - 6 Lessons

Duration: 6 - 12 hours

Come on deep sea journey and study some of the most bizarre creatures on the planet!

Mbio II Marine jellies, molusks and whales

Marine Biology: Jellies, Mollusks and Whales of the World - 6 Lessons

Duration: 6 - 12 hours

Explore the zoology of the comb and box jellies, mollusks and whales of the world.

Marine fish and invertebrates

Marine Biology: Invertebrates and Fish - 6 Lessons

Duration: 6 - 12 hours

Explore marine invertebrates including arthropods, sea spiders, crustaceans, and more. Vertebrates covered are aquarium and coral reef fish: angelfish, triggerfish, the Whitetip reef shark and more!

Marine cephalopods, turtles, snakes and mammals

Marine Biology: Cephalopods, Marine Turtles, Snakes and Mammals 6 Lesson Unit Study

Duration: 6 - 12 hours

This is an introduction to the zoology of the cephalopods (octopus, squid, cuttlefish and chambered nautilus), marine snakes, turtles, and mammals.

4 Herps: Reptiles & Amphibians Courses

reptiles and amphibians K-12 online class

Herps Zoology: Poison Dart Frog, Python, & Caiman 3 Lessons

Duration: 3 - 6 hours

Explore the amazing lives of the crocs, snakes and frogs. 

reptiles and amphibians K-12 online class

Herps Zoology: Marbled Salamander, Children’s Python, Galapagos Tortoise - 3 Lessons

Duration: 3 - 6 hours

Check out the amazing and beautiful salamanders, snakes and turtles!

reptiles and amphibians k-12 online class

Herps Explorers: Anatomy, Caecilians & Crocs

6-lesson Unit Study

Duration: 6 - 12 hours

Dive into learning several introductory topics in reptilian and amphibian anatomy, the natural life history of lizards, snakes, caecilians, salamanders, newts and the gharial!

reptiles and amphibians k-12 online class

Herps Explorers: Frogs, Geckos & Chameleons

6-lesson Unit Study

Duration: 6 - 12 hours

Have a look into the remarkable lives of frogs, toads, chameleons, geckos, salamanders and more!

1 Lesson Each for Botany & Geology

giant redwood trees

Exploring the Giant Redwood Trees - 1 Lesson

Duration: 1 - 3 hours

Explore the three giant redwood subfamilies including the Dawn and Coast redwoods, and the Giant sequoia trees.

Homeschool rockhounding

Geology: Intro to Rockhounding

1 Lesson

Duration: 1 - 3 hours

Does your learner love rocks and minerals? How about collecting them? Learn the basics for getting the right rockhounding equipment to collect rocks and minerals.

​14-day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not fully satisfied with NatureGlo’s online MathArt and science classes experience, you can get a full refund within 14 days from your purchase date. Cancellations must be received via email before the end of the 14 days. The 14 days 100% money back guarantee BEGINS THE DAY YOU PURCHASE the classes membership.

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What People Are Saying...

"My daughters have been taking courses from Gloria for a few years now..."

"We love NatureGlo's eScience! My daughters have been taking courses from Gloria for a few years now, and have enjoyed every one of them. She puts a lot of time and effort into the materials to give a lot of information in a way that is interesting to students. She also does a great job of keeping class on topic and monitoring the student communication to keep it a positive, enjoyable atmosphere for all."

Caneel Card (Homeschool mom)

reptiles and amphibians K-12 online class

"Highly recommend!!"

"Zac really enjoyed this class (Herps Zoology: Mole Salamanders, Children's Python & Galapagos Tortoise). Zoology"...

Ingrid Dick (Homeschool mom)

"My hatred of math stemmed mostly from a learning disability called dyscalculia..."

“The more I learn in MathArt, the more I realize the infinite number of ways math can be used. I have absolutely despised math since I was old enough to add and subtract; therefore, math has always been a cold, empty, meaningless subject to me.

My hatred of math stemmed mostly from a learning disability called dyscalculia, which interferes with awareness of concepts such as numerical values, memorization of facts, measurements, ability to tell time, and distinction between left and right. My favorite subjects in school have always been the arts and natural sciences. When I began taking the MathArt class, I learned that my most beloved and hated subjects were not opposites, but intertwined. I'd never viewed math in that light before and it has helped me greatly in all three subjects."

Megan B. - MathArt student

Get a great start to your math and science studies this year!

Are NatureGlo's Courses Right For Your Family?

Who is this for

  • Best for learners ages 10 and up.
  • Suitable for Eclectic, Charlotte Mason, Unit Study, Unschool homeschool styles - families not afraid to go off the beaten math and science curriculum path.
  • Your family loves unit study style learning!
  • You're liberated from state standardized education and the Common Core.
  • You have high-speed wireless Internet or access to it.

Who is this not for

  • Your student can't sit still and or focus long enough to watch video lessons or interact with online courseware including a forum.
  • Your learners aren't interested in studying the plant or animal kingdoms, math as it relates to the world around us, nor hands-on learning, and getting outdoors.
  • You're afraid to veer from the usual boxed curriculum for math and science.
  • You feel it's important to only teach to the test and follow standardized education and the Common Core.
  • You don't have access to high-speed wireless Internet. 


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