Gloria was both willing and able to assist students in learning about things that they were interested in...

"This was an excellent course for those who are interested in an unschooled approach to learning. Gloria was both willing and able to assist students in learning about things that they were interested in and providing numerous resources for them to choose from."

Leanne , Homeschool Parent

Our children’s excitement increased as a direct result of their learning

"My children have taken several months’ worth of NatureGlo's science classes with Gloria Brooks - studying both herpetology and deep sea marine biology. As a parent, I love both the provided structure and the flexibility that the courses offer. I was able to easily adapt the activities to accommodate my elementary, middle, and high school aged children.

I also especially appreciated Ms. Brooks’ attention to coaching children through appropriate online research practices and source attribution in their work. As a family, we found that the content in the classes integrated amazingly well with offline resources, including our local zoo and aquarium. We gained so much more understanding, and found that we returned to these attractions with greater enthusiasm and frequency, as our children’s excitement increased as a direct result of their learning.

Which leads to the real “carrot” here - our children love Ms. Brooks’ classes. They love logging in to participate in real time and they took great pride in creating and making live online presentations to their classmates. Further, on the occasions we were unable to accommodate the live class schedule, our children did not feel left out since they were able to catch up by watching the recordings. I continue to recommend Ms. Brook’s classes without reservations, and will seek opportunities to integrate them in our future learning journeys." -Sandra Girouard

Sandra Girouard , Parent

Zoology is one of his favorite subjects

"Zac really enjoyed this class (Herps Zoology: Mole Salamanders, Children's Python & Galapagos Tortoise). Zoology is one of his favorite subjects. He is looking forward to signing up for the next class in marine biology. The teacher is extremely knowledgeable and her presentation of the materials and workbooks were excellent. Highly recommend!!"

Ingrid D. , Parent

My daughter loved the MathArt class!

“My daughter loved the MathArt class she took through NatureGlo’s eScience. She says it was one of the best homeschool classes she has ever taken!”

Kelsi Stembel , Parent

Discoveries by MathArt Student Megan B.

"The more I learn in MathArt, the more I realize the infinite number of ways math can be used. I have absolutely despised math since I was old enough to add and subtract; therefore, math has always been a cold, empty, meaningless subject to me.

My hatred of math stemmed mostly from a learning disability called dyscalculia, which interferes with awareness of concepts such as numerical values, memorization of facts, measurements, ability to tell time, and distinction between left and right. My favorite subjects in school have always been the arts and natural sciences. When I began taking the MathArt class, I learned that my most beloved and hated subjects were not opposites, but intertwined. I'd never viewed math in that light before and it has helped me greatly in all three subjects.

Now, I realize that math is in fact a helpful tool. Just as you can't expect to draw anything without a pencil, you can't expect your drawing of a cat to look like a cat without the proper proportions -and math can help with that. Building a rough mannequin of your subject using geometric shapes helps to get the "feel" of the object, I've discovered.

Once I began thinking of math as the key to imagination, rather than the locked door that blocked creativity, I noticed a change in my art.

My drawings no longer looked stiff and emotionless. My people seemed to be alive on the paper, smiling at me in their cartoonish way."

Megan B. , Student

NatureGlo really helped him develop much needed group communication skills

"These classes are awesome because the structure of the class is very interactive. The PowerPoint interaction pages really help reinforce the material. My son is not only learning the information but retaining it as well! He also loves the fact that the students work is shared regularly in the classes.

NatureGlo really helped him develop much needed group communication skills. The way she encouraged the students to do reports and projects and share with others on the class page was awesome. Carlisle was diagnosed with autism at age 2, and social skills have always been a work in progress. The way Gloria set up the sharing section of the classes allowed him to practice back and forth communication with others while giving him to time to think through his responses. This was really valuable for him because this summer he took a history class at the college and they had a similar set up with a class page that everyone needed to contribute on. Thanks to NatureGlo's classes, he had already practiced that skill. He did really well with the group responses (and earned 92 in the class).

Thanks again for offering such a valuable service to home schooling family's!" -Ceason C.

Ceason Calabrese , Parent

Gloria covers the content in a professional, advanced, scientific, yet understandable way

"Gloria has been an absolute delight for my kids! They have taken several classes and loved the online interaction with both Gloria and other children from all over the world. Since there is no official 'homework,' my kids feel free to explore the topics for fun. When something of interest takes hold, they have the liberty and enthusiasm to design their own creative projects.

Gloria covers the content in a professional, advanced, scientific, yet understandable way. I wondered at first if my junior high and elementary students could follow along. But Gloria combines common language and scientific language beautifully, so that elementary kids can understand the basics and older kids can be introduced to more advanced scientific terminology. The constant exposure to proper terminology has helped them advance in science in a way that traditional book reading does not. Hearing words in proper context seems to help the ideas 'stick.' My kids consistently repeat facts that they have heard in her classes, even classes we took two years ago. I highly recommend NatureGlo for kids who need more than a textbook to captivate their minds and imaginations!" -Melinda L.

Melinda Ledman , Parent

"My daughters have been taking courses from Gloria for a few years now..."

"We love NatureGlo's eScience! My daughters have been taking courses from Gloria for a few years now, and have enjoyed every one of them. She puts a lot of time and effort into the materials to give a lot of information in a way that is interesting to students. She also does a great job of keeping class on topic and monitoring the student communication to keep it a positive, enjoyable atmosphere for all." -Caneel C. Texas

Caneel Cardwell , Parent