How to Create Rich and Engaging Math Unit Studies – Hexagons Part IV

How to Create Rich and Engaging Math Unit Studies - Hexagons

Have you ever considered the wonder and beauty of the honeybee’s honeycomb structure? Just look at the beautiful honeycomb below.My professor in college used to say, “busier than bees and wax.” Can anyone be truly as busy as drones building their community’s honeycomb? Yes! Homeschool parents! They’re all made up of, you guessed it from the … Read more

How to Create Rich and Engaging Math Unit Studies – Circular Patterns Part III

How to Create Rich and Engaging Math Unit Studies

Looking for circular patterns in nature is an easy yet intriguing activity. They can be found just about everywhere you could look in your backyard. Why start in your backyard first, or wherever you are? It’s for simple convenience sake. In this post, I invite you and your children to do a treasure hunt of … Read more

How to Create Rich and Engaging Homeschool Math Unit Studies – Part II

Math Unit Study

Creating rich, engaging math themed unit studies can be incredibly gratifying to you as a homeschool parent curriculum creator and inspiring for your learner’s experience across the curriculum. In part I of this series, I introduced you to the famed yet mysterious Golden ratio and Fibonacci numbers found in art, architecture, and nature. I’m not going … Read more

How to Create Rich and Engaging Homeschool Math Unit Studies – Part I

How to create rich and engaging math unit studies

Much of modern mathematics curriculum treats math as a separate subject from the rest of academics. I don’t kid you when I say that math can become the most exciting, hands-on, integrative subject in your homeschool. Setting up various math and science (notice I added in science next to math) learning centers around your house, can … Read more

How to Join a Math & Science Community of Online Learning

Let’s face it. The computer age has infiltrated most of our lives, save for those who choose for it not to. If you’re reading this blog, you most likely use your computer on a daily basis. Modern technology and the computer age are sweeping the planet, increasing in popular use as well as changing our … Read more

The Build Your Bundle Homeschool Sale is Now Live!

Are you confused by the massive Build Your Bundle homeschool curriculum sale? Let me simplify this sale for you. The Build Your Bundle sale is most likely the Internet’s largest homeschool digital curriculum sale of the year! First of all, many of you will want to know this: Giveaway Winners :https://buildyourbundle.idevaffiliate.com/103-28-1-92.html There are 20 categories to … Read more

How to Shop Smart in the Build Your Bundle Homeschool Curriculum Sale!

BYB 2018 Sale

*This blog contains links, at no extra cost to you, which may provide compensation or commission to NatureGlo’s eScience. Gloria Brooks, founder of NatureGlo’s eScience, is a participant in the BYB 2018, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to buildyourbundle.net. What is … Read more

How to Do a Homeschool Snowflake Unit Study

homeschool snowflake unit study

 Studying the life of America’s first snowflake photographer, Wilson Bentley, affords ample homeschool science, math, art and history connections. Check out my free Wilson Bentley, the Snowflake Man Slideshow Lesson, Parts I and II below. Be sure to watch part II of the video below after the first video finishes! Enjoy!  Born during the Victorian … Read more

The Curious Deep-Sea Communities – NatureGlo’s Marine Biology Student Guest Post

Today’s post is going to amuse, amaze and cause a stir within to study our greatly unexplored oceanic abyss looking at the deep sea communities! Students from the NeS Dramatic Deep Sea Creatures course have been “diving deep” with their blogging research from the latest deep sea research from NOAA’s and MBARI’s deep-sea research. Without further blogging on my part, … Read more