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Get Instant Access to the Math Art Online Course BUNDLE For Kids Ages 8 - 18 That Eliminates Overwhelm While Making Math FUN & SKYROCKETS Your Child’s Learning While Answering, Is Math Art...

...As You Do Less...Not More



  • You're tired of the homeschool math battles with your child.

  • You wish you could just throw out the traditional

    math textbook and unschool math.

  • You wish that your family could have more fun with math,

    but, you don't know how.

I'm Gloria Brooks. Here's the rather remarkable backstory about my eGuide, Math Learning Secrets. It was the summer of 1997 and I was 23. I had recently graduated the previous year with my bachelor’s in K - 12 education and recently finished my first year of teaching in a private school.

Gloria Brooks

Veteran K12 Teacher Since 1996

The old 1963 Time Life hardback I picked up at a book sale that changed my view of math forever.

It was a hot July day after completing

my first year of teaching in private school.

I found it at a used book sale...

  • I picked up a used copy of David Bergamini's 1963 Time Life hardback book, simple entitled, Mathematics.

  • Not one day in any of my schooling, from primary, secondary, to college, had I ever been taught these beautiful math with real life connections. How woefully too late it was that my math education lacked any knowledge taught to me and the rest of my classmates about any of this! 

  • Yet, there I was at this used book sale...

  • being introduced to these math concepts for the very first time in an old beat up Time Life hardback book, literally the year JUST after I graduated from college!

    math found in plants
  • Here's a summary of my relationship with math as a student growing up:

  • I was disinterested in math. I always rushed to get through and complete any of my math class work or homework just to get by, please my parents, and get the grade. In school, for me, math was always abstract, lifeless, dry, and yet another subject I had to trudge through every single school day just to get a passing grade.

  • I absolutely dreaded the higher maths in high school, especially Algebra and Geometry.

  • I could have definitely used inspirational boosts by being shown how the higher maths connects with real life!

  • What was worse, after I left the book sale and went home to do research about these numbers...

  • I couldn't find out very much more information about "living math" on the Internet or at the local libraries. I found a few more old books about it at a couple of thrift stores. Lastly, I did manage to find a set of 8 photographic posters online illustrating nature's patterns. I ordered them and put them up on my classroom wall. That was it.

math found in plants