The 5-Step Strategy, Our HOMESCHOOLERS Use to Bullet-proof their Child's Education and Overcome Student Demotivation in as Little as Eight Weeks

Without Worrying About if their Kids are Getting What They Need for Life!

What You Will Learn On The Webinar...
Gloria Brooks is the founder and lead coach for the Liberate Your Homeschool Learning unschool coaching and training program. She has served and helped hundreds of homeschool families worldwide grow their homeschools by implementing unschool and relaxed eclectic methods through her online math and natural science online classes for students 10 and up.

We're going to show you...

  • The exact 5-step game plan our homeschoolers use to transition to child self-directed education all without having to deal with dry boring curriculum, grading papers, dealing with tests and other compulsory stuff parents and their kids don't want to do.

  • Why following standards-based curriculum is the exact WRONG way to lead a healthy, happy homeschool child...and the much smarter, more intuitive method our parents use.

  • The secret ANY PARENT can use to tap into their child's learning passions, so kids guide themselves, and show up excited and ready to learn every single day.

  • Why using grading, tests, and subject-specific curriculum is NOT the right strategy for getting your kids into college...and how smart parents are working WITH their kids to get them ready for a successful future, starting TODAY.

  • AND how we do all of this EVEN if you're sick and tired of your child's public school drudgery and are seriously CONSIDERING HOMESCHOOLING or are a brand new or seasoned homeschooler afraid you're not providing what your child needs for their education.

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