How to Unschool Math with John Holt

Happiest of springs!

It’s that time of year when homeschoolers are starting to look towards the finish line or at least adopt a slower pace as the warmer months come upon us (if you homeschool year round). You may be wondering what on earth you can do with your current math curriculum when your child may have their eyeballs distracted from math lessons and pealed on the sun beaming through the windows.

sun beaming through the windows

Click here and watch the video I did about unschooling math using John Holts book, How Children Learn.

What if you and your kids could just have your cake and eat it, ditch the unwanted and unnecessary math curriculum and get on outdoors for hours of fun. Yes, I boldly said all that.

In fact, John Holt (1923 - 1985) is famous for saying,

“I suspect that many children would learn arithmetic, and learn it better, if it were illegal.”

John HoltJohn Holt interviewed in Pullman, WA around 1984 to 1985.

John Holt, the man who introduced the world to unschooling in the 1970’s can show you just how to do this in his book, How Children Learn.

Click here and watch the video I recently did sharing some new tips on unschooling, and particularly, unschooling math.

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Gloria Brooks aka NatureGlo