BYB 2018 Sale

How to Shop Smart in the Build Your Bundle Homeschool Curriculum Sale!

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What is the Build Your Bundle (BYB) Sale?

The BYB sale (May 7 – 14, 2018) is an extremely satisfying homeschool curriculum sale that comes around annually each spring. It’s a smorgasbord of some of the best homeschool curricula available at steep STEEP prices!

This year will be the BYB’s biggest sale yet! Each year BYB has a big giveaway and every entrant will be emailed a coupon code once the sale starts.

  • One winner wins ALL 20 bundles – a $5,204 value
  • One winner wins a Premium Build Your OWN Bundle of Five – up to a $700 value
  • If you refer a friend who wins – you BOTH win
  • Instant access to the FREE Homeschool Portfolio Pack for all who enter
  • Everyone who enters will get a special coupon code good for a discount on a Build Your OWN Bundle


Enter to win a HUGE giveaway, grab a FREEBIE & coupon code


Get Your FREE Homeschool Portfolio!

Enter to win a HUGE giveaway, grab a FREEBIE & coupon code


The homeschool year is filled with landmarks and events you and your children will want to remember for years to come. Whether you need to meet your state requirements or you want to keep the beautiful memories of your student’s  homeschool year, a homeschool portfolio will help you keep it decluttered and organized.

The Homeschool Portfolio not only serves as a scrapbook of your learner’s year it provides practical sheets and a place to record goals for the next homeschool year.

Pages Include:

  • About Me
  • Attendance Sheet
  • Basic Daily Schedule
  • Extra Curricular Activities Sheet
  • Curriculum and Resources List
  • Book Log
  • Goals
  • Field Trip Log
  • Report Card
  • Subject Evaluation
  • Subject Binder Divider Sheets

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Happy BYB homeschool sale! May your chosen BYB curriculum resources make your homeschool years a great success!