How to Join a Math & Science Community of Online Learning

Let's face it. The computer age has infiltrated most of our lives, save for those who choose for it not to. If you're reading this blog, you most likely use your computer on a daily basis. Modern technology and the computer age are sweeping the planet, increasing in popular use as well as changing our minds, influencing our psyches, social lives and yes, our education. 

I have been a K - 12 educator since 1997, but entered online teaching in spring 2011. Since teaching online, I've not looked back. I've transformed from an in-the-classroom teacher marching to the beat of every Principal I've ever worked for, to an independent online educator offering courses I chose to teach according to my passion and talents and in conjunction with what is needed in the home and school communities.

I've always had a great passion, love and talent for making maths more tangible and beautiful (MathArt). I've nurtured and grown a pool of in-depth scholarly zoology, botany and geology courses for learners who want to go into greater depth then most curriculum has time for in these fields of study.

What is NatureGlo's MathArt online course?

Since 2003, I've written and taught a curriculum called MathArt geared for students ages 10 and up. Here are some of the things I teach students in my MathArt classes.

  1. We start with learning mathematics history beginning with ancient history.
  2. Find, describe and create projects around the connections there are with geometry and nature by looking at the most common patterns in nature including circular (think spirals and spheres), polygonal, lines, and symmetry.
  3. Find, describe and create projects about the Fibonacci and Golden numbers found in art, architecture and nature.
  4. Study and create works of art following famous "MathArtists" such as Leonardo da Vinci, M.C. Escher and Benoit Mandelbrot, the father of fractal geometry.
  5. Students create MathArt projects around a topic they're most interested in studying.

When I launched my site, NatureGlo's eScience, independently in Summer 2017, I knew it would not be an easy ride. Running a website, doing all of the marketing, writing my own courses, all the while flying under the radar of the standardized education epidemic, I've known I'm doing something unique in K - 12 education. 

The summer of 2018, I launched something new and rare: blazing a new trail as an independent teacher, I've now opening my math and science website as a membership. Why a membership? Not only will the pricing be affordable for homeschool families, but this kind of site will foster a much needed interactive community for math and science loving home and school students. 

NatureGlo's MathArt and Science Membership

NatureGlo's NEW math enrichment (MathArt) and science classes membership offers the following benefits:

  1. Affordable monthly and yearly membership pricing for families with students ages 10 and up. Younger advanced students are welcome!
  2. One membership - includes access to ALL of NatureGlo's online MathArt and science courses.
  3. Foster rich community interaction via chat, comments, teacher/student email and a private parent Facebook group.
  4. Student work/project feedback from myself and the rest of the student members.

What Projects Have My Students Done - Yours May Be Inspired to Do

Every year I've been blown away by the quality and creativity of projects my students have produced for my classes. My new membership site will continue to foster project creation, but, instead of a focus on my live teaching, the live online webinars will give the floor to YOUR learners questions and comments about the classes and their work! Your learners can have anywhere between 5 - 15 minutes to showcase their projects to the class. The length of the live class (up to an hour and a half) will be determined by how many projects students have to share. Check out below the kinds of projects I'll be looking to have learners show-and-tell to the rest of the class members.

Sarah O.'s Aboriginal Dot Circle Paintings part one

MathArt student, Sarah O's Aboriginal style painting incorporating concentric rings.

Part II of Sarah O's Aboriginal style painting.

Herpetology student, Josh A.'s clay snake anatomy.

Marine Biology student, Elena O's watercolor painting of King penguin adults with their chick.

Jack's inspection of the Fibonacci numbers found in a pine cone

MathArt student, Jack, painting the Fibonacci number spirals on a pinecone.

I hope to be of service to you and your home or school family this year!

Gloria Brooks aka NatureGlo

NatureGlo's eScience Founder & Head Teacher