NatureGlo’s Homeschool Math Enrichment & Science eLearning Grand Opening

NatureGlo’s Homeschool Math Enrichment & Science eLearning Grand Opening

Welcome to the launch of my NatureGlo’s eScience (NeS) online math and science classes eLearning center! I’m NatureGlo also known as Gloria Brooks. and this is the new home base for NatureGlo’s online classes.  I help homeschoolers and schoolers by offering online classes for upper elementary, middle and high school students. The areas of study include geology, zoology, math enrichment (MathArt), Marine Biology and the herps or reptiles and amphibians.

What’s the NeS difference?

Each NeS Slideshow and study guide per class lesson has taken hours, days, weeks and now years to develop, many with several revisions since 2011. Without repetitious Slideshow template backgrounds, each slide layout has carefully selected high-quality photographs with in-depth researched content. Each slide has been meticulously yet artistically laid out so students can really appreciate the beauty of each topic studied. I like to compare the NeS Slideshow to the famed Eyewitness Books and Smithsonian field guide layout styles, but, with a NeS flair.

NeS’s online classes use LifterLMS for our learning management system. Class content is laid out in easy to follow lessons which students can mark as complete per lesson section. After a lesson section, students can earn digital awards. The digital awards populate within the student dashboard.


How to use NeS homeschool math and science online classes

NeS math enrichment (MathArt) and science classes can be used for upper elementary, middle, and high school homeschool, private and public school students. I wrote the online class content for middle/high school levels, but interested younger students can also benefit from the lessons.


Tips for using NeS online classes as a:

  • Classroom supplement
  • High school elective course (mini-courses)
  • Homeschool parent or teacher’s guide 
  • Self-pacing option for independent learners
  • Resource for student research projects 


The classes can either enhance or replace portions of a current math or science curriculum.

Who will dig NatureGlo’s online classes?

  • Homeschool parent/educators looking to spruce up, supplement or replace a unit of study or course
  • Public and private school science and math teachers who want to either supplement or perhaps replace a unit of study with a NeS unit study or course
  • Nature lovers
  • Those who can say, “I love math”!
  • Math haters (who need a new view of mathematics)
  • Students of all ages that want to learn more about the natural world at their own pace any time of the year
  • Summer school science and math learning


Let’s take a brief tour of NeS!

Check out the class catalog  to view the online class details! You can have a look at the About us section wherein I relay my creative childhood curriculum writing which has birthed this store. From creating curriculum with Scotch tape and scissor-cut paper, we’ve come a long way, friends!

Check out these fun reviews from over the years.


What in the world is NeS’s MathArt?

The NeS MathArt curriculum is the result of a unique live online course which I’ve been teaching to middle and high school students since 2011. MathArt is a rare in-depth look at the beauty of mathematics. You don’t find this depth of content in most textbooks. NeS MathArt starts with a study of mathematics history and looks at the beauty of mathematics and its relationship with art, science, nature, architecture, and more. We don’t get heavy duty into the higher math number and formula aspects, but rather enjoy the bigger picture with an appreciation for the beautiful relationships math has with the world and the universe.


What about Botany?

Botany is usually overlooked in the science curriculum, yet it’s so critical to our survival as a species. Plants are not only a major food supply but also hugely aid in sucking out carbon dioxide from the air we breathe. They make up the clothes we wear and everyday products we use from wooden houses, teeth (made in Japan during the 16th century) and furniture to cotton shirts. Botanical knowledge and understanding are vital for our life on earth! For Botany, a course I had offered during the years of 2011 – 2014, I’m offering my most popular lesson on the great redwood tree giants with the stand-alone curriculum or you can enroll in my latest online Exploring the Giant Redwood Trees live or recorded class.

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Thank you for reading this far!