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"How To Stop Using or Supplement Boring Coercive Math Curriculum And Create Fun Engaging Math Learning Experiences Starting With This Unique Lapbook...

Even If You Believe That Math Must Be Learned Painfully

Over All 12 Years of Your Child's Education!"

Two fillable unit study planner templates

"How the Fibonacci Numbers in Nature Lapbook Can Work for You and Your Child..."

Even If You've Never Written a Math Lesson Plan In Your Life."

  • Learn nature's math through a fun, engaging, and interactive Fibonacci Numbers in Nature lapbook!

  • Quickly and easily click through a beautifully illustrated DFY (Done For You) fun and engaging PowerPoint lesson so that you don't have to create it yourself!

  • Download, type into, or print and handwrite into the easy to use student study guide.

  • Easy to follow lapbook instructions so that you and your child aren't left struggling to figure out how to create it!

Hey, Busy Educator!

Here's the FUN & EASY way to engage your kids math learning with this unique Fibonacci Numbers in Nature lapbook learning BUNDLE!

The lapbook will help you and your kids see math all around them as a supplement to or replacing unwanted math textbooks.

Get NatureGlo's Fibonacci Numbers in Nature lapbook BUNDLE, skip the prep headaches it took to create this resource without having to plan this topic yourself for hours, days, and weeks before implementing it...