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FAQ Digital Resources - Your Questions Answered

What ages are NatureGlo’s eScience (NeS) lessons appropriate for?

The curriculum has been written and taught to middle/high homeschool and school students (ages 8 and up). “Age appropriateness” really depends on the student’s level of reading, understanding, and interest in the topic.

How do the study guides fit in with the Slideshows?

The study guides enhance the Slideshow experience by giving students interactive questions referring back to the Slideshow content. Each study guide includes Slideshow interactive questions, many with sketching opportunities and a journal template to fill out about their favorite species or highlighted person of study with room to make a sketch of their species or person (MathArtist or scientist).

How can I open a zip file?

NatureGlo's eScience is a course platform and curriculum provider, lead by instructor, Gloria Brooks. Therefore, it is not a school and cannot be accredited. Parents can save student work completed in NatureGlo's eScience courses in a student portfolio for your state requirements.

Why are NeS files locked?

This is how I protect my long hours of work as my curriculum gets out there.

How can NeS Slideshow lessons and or full course curriculum be incorporated into my student’s science studies?

NatureGlo's digital downloadable resources can be used as an elective, a unit study, as a break from the usual science and math studies, and or for enjoyment.

How can students get more out of each lesson than just using the Slideshow and study guide?

Each lesson can potentially have its own student chosen project, activity or experience. I offer web resources from my NeS Virtual Libraries (go ahead, have a look). Typically, students select a project based on their favorite topic and can take them anywhere from a day to several weeks or months to prepare. Project and activity ideas are offered from the NeS Virtual Libraries, but, project choice and duration are up to the teacher and students. Student project rubrics are provided with each lesson or course curriculum.

Has the curriculum been field tested?

Yes! NatureGlo's digital teaching resources have been taught to thousands of online homeschool and classroom students since 2011.

Is the curriculum aligned with state or national science and math standards?

Yes, many concepts are aligned with state and national science and math standards.

Can I use NeS Slideshow presentations on any of my mobile devices?

Yes, you can! PDF files can be read on any computer or device.

What is your refund policy?

There is a 14-day no quibble 100% refund policy on all of NatureGlo's eScience digital and online course curriculum.

What’s the teaching or learning duration for a Slideshow lesson with accompanying study guide?

As long as you and your students want. Each lesson can take as little as an hour, or as much as a week or more, depending on how deep your students dig into the content with the online suggested resources and activities from NeS’s Virtual Libraries.

What is your copyright policy?

NatureGlo’s Slideshow & study guides are only to be used by the purchaser, their immediate family living in their household and for the teacher/purchaser’s classroom use.

Why are NatureGlo's presentations unique?

The NeS Slideshows aren’t the average or traditionally illustrated slideshow. NeS Slideshows can be compared to Smithsonian’s field guides or Eyewitness Book style illustrations. Each slide makes use of beautiful nature and art photography, many with detailed diagrams. Without repeating backgrounds, NeS Slideshows are a break from the usual traditionally made presentations. The presentations make use of high-resolution nature photography from the public domain and creative commons sources. Even NatureGlo has added some of her best nature photography to many of the PowerPoint lessons!

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