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FAQ - Your Questions Answered

What are NatureGlo's eScience online homeschool courses?

All of NatureGlo's courses are lifetime access for self-paced online video courses. Topics include: 1. MathArt (integration of math, science, art, and history) 2. Science - Marine Biology, Herpetology (reptiles & amphibians), Botany, & Geology. Many lessons include unit study or thematic unit connections with reading, writing, history, geography, art, poetry, culture, music, and math.

What worldview are NeS classes taught from?

Classes are taught from a neutral worldview, or non-religious point-of-view. NatureGlo does not teach origins in her online courses. 

Is NatureGlo's eScience accredited?

NatureGlo's eScience is a course platform and curriculum provider, lead by instructor and master teacher, Gloria Brooks. Therefore, we are not a school and cannot be accredited.

Does NatureGlo teach according to standardized education and the Common Core?

No, but, teachers can assign standards and the Common Core to any courses or digital downloads as needed. All curriculum, has been researched, written, taught by Gloria Brooks and piloted with homeschool and school students since 2003. She is a qualified and highly experienced master teacher and curriculum writer holding a BA in K12 education since 1997.

What technology do I need for NatureGlo's online courses?

A high-speed Internet connection. Access the online courses using any updated device.

What courseware does NatureGlo's eScience use?

NatureGlo's courses are built on the GrooveMember platform.

Can middle and high school students get credit for taking NatureGlo's eScience online courses?

Yes, parents are the record keepers as NatureGlo's eScience is a course platform and curriculum provider. Check with your state homeschool requirements for science, math, other subjects and adjust your chosen course studies to those requirements. NatureGlo's lessons and course work can potentially be applied as credit towards any high school curriculum you are currently using.

Do you offer grading services?

No, NatureGlo doesn’t personally grade student work. However, study guides can be used by parents, many of which include answer keys, for grading. Student projects can also be graded using a parent chosen rubric. Many lessons include an online automated program called Quizlet which offers online games, flashcards for study and an automated graded test which parents can use to collect grades per lesson. Parents and students are responsible for recording grades by tallying them all up at the end of the course to get a final grade average for the course. I offer a certificate of completion for all 6-week classes.

What supplies do students need for NeS courses?

1. High-speed wireless Internet

2. Blank notebook for note-taking and journaling per class or a 3-ring binder divided up by tabs per class

3. (Optional) Portfolio - manilla folder or other chosen way to keep papers organized

4. A mechanical or regular graphite pencil with a good eraser. It's suggested that students use a pencil for both journal sketching exercises and note-taking as it's easy to erase mistakes.

5. Colored pencils

6. (Optional) Other coloring media including paint, crayons etc.

6. (Optional) Camera and video recorder

What teaching/learning methods and homeschool styles does NatureGlo use?

NatureGlo primarily uses an online math and science unit study approach but mixes in eclectic teaching methods including: Charlotte Mason (note-books), Montessorri (multi-ages), Unschool (student self-directed project choices), Open Classroom (resource guided), and Delight-led.

How do I get a refund?

NatureGlo's eScience offers a 14-day money back guarantee. If you and or your learner are not satisfied with the classes, you can cancel anytime before your 14-day period. Use the contact form on this site or email Gloria Brooks at [email protected] requesting a refund.

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