Sharks Unit Study – Best Non-fiction Books Review Part I

Best Homeschool Shark Unit Study Non-fiction Books Review Part 1

Introduction: Why the shark obsession?Sharks are one of the top marine predators most loved and studied by kids and adults today. Notice I said, “One of”. Big nature organizations such as Discovery’s Shark Week,  and its rival, National Geographic’s Sharkfest (rivaling its competitor with SIX weeks of shark TV festivities) both capitalize on this fascination we humans … Read more

Easy Homeschool Unit Study Planning 101

Easy homeschool unit study planning 101

One of the most popular homeschooling styles is Unit Study! Planning and scheduling a homemade unit study homeschool curriculum doesn’t have to be hard or overwhelming. The number one reason why homeschoolers shy away from planning their own unit studies is the big T-I-M-E factor. Most homeschool parents are crazy busy running a household, raising kids, … Read more

How to Create A Homeschool Unit Study with Family Discussion

How to Create A Homeschool Unit Study with Family Discussion | Unit Study Planner

How to create a homeschool unit study with family discussion is a necessary component for a successful homeschool unit study. To help you do this successfully, ORDER NatureGlo’s Unit Study Planner BUNDLE & Course below.How You Don’t Have To Be A Veteran Homeschooler To Finally Ditch Unwanted Curriculum and Successfully Do Unit Studies with The Help … Read more

How to Create A Homeschool Unit Study in 5 Steps

how to create a homeschool unit study in 5 steps

To use or not to use curriculum can be such a touchy topic for many homeschoolers. There are so many parents who just WISH they could do more “out-of-the-curriculum” box homeschool styles, but, are just too scared. Scared of what?  Scared of “missing out” or having “gaps” from the ever changing nebulous list of copious amounts of … Read more

What’s A Homeschool Unit Study?

what is a homeschool unit study

What is a unit study?A unit study is a focused topical study of high child interest that connects multiple subjects all relating back to the main topic.Check out the video for this post below.  Since kids LOVE studying the ocean, I will use a homeschool ocean unit study sample with a seashore focus.Answer Specific Questions … Read more

How To Find The Best Homeschool Science Resources

Best Homeschool Science Resources

Hi, I’m Gloria Brooks, founder of NatureGlo’s eScience, offering online math enrichment, known as MathArt, and natural science online courses for kids 8 and up.  You can check out the video of this post below.  Let’s jump in now! Every time I teach or facilitate homeschool science either in-person or online now, I do something I call “Every Science … Read more

How To Homeschool Middle School Science Without Curriculum

how to homeschool middle school science without curriculum

Walking Away From Traditional Science Education Demands Into The Land Of Inspirational Science Learning FREEDOMWhat if you could feel fine and even relaxed about dropping the traditional science textbooks in your homeschool? No guilt. It can be just you and your family simply using richly illustrated yet scholarly science library books, or online science virtual … Read more

How to Find Math in Play

How To Find Math In Play

Way back in 2010, I joined a homeschool Open Classroom program, or classroom without walls, as an apprentice to the program facilitator, Dana. Dana told me during the first month, I would deschool. At first, I wasn’t sure what that meant. I found out quickly. At first I was more of an observer of the … Read more