How to Use Homeschool Math Virtual Manipulatives: Fractions

free fractions interactive simulator for homeschool math

Today I’m sharing a great free homeschool and unschool math resource you probably haven’t heard of yet, the Fractions Intro Interactive Simulation by PhET. PhET (no that’s not a typo) is a Colorado based math and science virtual simulation company. They have some phenomenal math and science virtual interactive simulation resources you’ll definitely want to … Read more

How To Use Homeschool Virtual Math Manipulatives: Geoboards

Free homeschool math virtual geoboards

Hey, when you were in grade school did any of your teachers pull out those fun geoboards during math class? If you’re not even sure what geoboards are, no worries. I’ve got you covered on this one. Check out this brand new video I created recently showing your homeschool a comparison between the top TWO FREE virtual … Read more

How To Gameschool Math

How to gameschool math

Are you struggling through homeschool math this year? Does your child cry over their math workbook or virtual program they MUST complete everyday? Click here and watch my video “How To Gameschool Math.” I share my top tips that will get you up and running today! If you’re ready to throw in the towel with homeschooling math, … Read more

How to Find Math in Play

How To Find Math In Play

Way back in 2010, I joined a homeschool Open Classroom program, or classroom without walls, as an apprentice to the program facilitator, Dana. Dana told me during the first month, I would deschool. At first, I wasn’t sure what that meant. I found out quickly. At first I was more of an observer of the … Read more