How to Use Homeschool Math Virtual Manipulatives: Fractions

free fractions interactive simulator for homeschool math

Today I’m sharing a great free homeschool and unschool math resource you probably haven’t heard of yet, the Fractions Intro Interactive Simulation by PhET. PhET (no that’s not a typo) is a Colorado based math and science virtual simulation company. They have some phenomenal math and science virtual interactive simulation resources you’ll definitely want to … Read more

Charlotte Mason Math Vs. Unschool Math

Charlotte Mason Vs. John Holt Unschool Math

Would you like to see my new video, Charlotte Mason Math Vs. Unschool Math? If you already use Charlotte Mason math and wish you could explore unschooling or already unschool and sometimes wish for a bit more structure, on either side of the coin, I think you’re going to enjoy this video and get some new … Read more

Homeschool Math Curriculum Comparison: Classical Education Vs. Unschool

HOMESCHOOL MATH CURRICULUM | Classical Education Vs. Unschool

Are you winter weary of the math curriculum blues? Have you thought more than once about switching up curriculum for math in hopes that it would inspire your kids to throw a party everytime they do math instead of water logging their latest math workbook with their tears? Have I got a fun homeschool math … Read more

My #1 Secret For Bringing Homeschool Math Alive

My #1 Secret For Bringing Homeschool Math Alive

I hear from so many homeschoolers about what a slog math can be. Kids crying over their soggy workbooks (from previous sessions’ tears) is no uncommon occurrence. Back in 1997, I had just finished my first year of teaching. It was a rough first year. My first jog was teaching at a small private school … Read more