My #1 Secret for Bringing Home and School Math Alive

Jul 02, 2022

I hear from so many homeschoolers about what a slog math can be. Kids crying over their soggy workbooks (from previous sessions’ tears) is no uncommon occurrence.
Back in 1997, I had just finished my first year of teaching. It was a rough first year. My first jog was teaching at a small private school for inner city kids. I learned the hard way about classroom management. It’s not a wonder that I quit teaching during my first year.

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I walked out of the school in mid-February of 1997, and didn’t return to the Baltimore Academy of Excellence the rest of that year. My vice principal, Jacqi, convinced me to return a year later. But, that’s a story for another day. I just couldn’t hack it with managing kids just a few years younger than I who had a rough edge. It was too brutal for me to follow through as a new teacher that year. Exit stage left. I slunk out of the school and found temp jobs at the Johns Hopkins Hospital for the rest of the school year. What a bore that was!
I knew I’d try my hand again at teaching, but, at a different school!
My first year failed teaching experience did really get me down. I had doubts about whether I could be a good classroom teacher at all.

That summer, at our church, I found myself at a used book sale put on by one of our Russian missionaries, Pastor Matti. I’m a big sucker for used book sales. I browsed through Pastor Matti’s tiny rigged up stall store and picked through various sundry boxes of books. I came upon a Time Life hardback very simply entitled, Mathematics by David Bergamini. I think it was the funky cover that initially drew my attention.

The Time Life book that changed my perspective of math forever, Mathematics.
I thumbed through the book and what I saw absolutely floored me and opened my eyes to a very different aspect of math I had a never seen in all of my years of primary school or college education.

Here in Mathematics, I was introduced to nature’s numbers, patterns, and geometric shapes. I had never been introduced to these in grade school or college. I was introduced to a mysterious mathematical proportion of beauty found everywhere in nature, art, and architecture, called the Golden ratio (1.618). I saw the beauty and wonder of mathematics found everywhere around us on the planet.

That’s the secret!

The fact that math can found everywhere.
My personal #1 secret for bringing your homeschool math alive is learning to see math everywhere around you.

Why is seeing math everywhere my #1 secret? It’s because that’s what got me excited about math for the first time in my life. Later, in 2003, I went on a 7-year journey looking for math in nature, art, architecture, music, and beyond. You name it. I was looking for math in it. And still, to this day, I’m always seeing math wherever I go. It’s engrained in me to see math everywhere and it can become a natural habit likewise in you and your family too.

Here I show my homeschool students the wondrous beauty of math patterns found in the very fruits and veggies they were eating.

That is my #1 secret for making your homeschool math come alive this year. If you can really get this, you too could be flying high above whatever current math slog your family might be immersed in this year.

Unschooling, Gameschooling, Wildschooling, and Relaxed homeschool math are the styles that can really dig in and dive in deep with spending time with math found everywhere. Don’t get me wrong though. If you’re not a relaxed spectrum homeschooler, you can still find math everywhere around you.

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Gloria Brooks aka NatureGlo