Charlotte Mason Math Vs. Unschool Math

Jul 02, 2022

Would you like to see my new video, Charlotte Mason Math Vs. Unschool Math? If you already use Charlotte Mason math and wish you could explore unschooling or already unschool and sometimes wish for a bit more structure, on either side of the coin, I think you're going to enjoy this video and get some new pointers, interesting historical background, and more.

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Homeschool math is the #1 monkey wrench or stickler for so many homeschoolers. What if you could have a more creative out of the curriculum box slant on math with a lot of help? What about if you could confidently drop unwanted curriculum altogether and unschool your math? What if you could try out Charlotte Mason's math approach successfully if your current homeschool math program isn't working?

what if homeschool math could be this much fun?

What if your homeschool math could be this much fun? Check out brothers Kevin and Josh as they "unschool" math with these cool Pythagorean cookies. Now that's taking geometry to some delicious levels!

Well, Charlotte Mason (1845 - 1923) math and John Holt, representing unschool math, have a thing or three to teach and surprise you with.

Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Book 1 and Unschool Math

I was bedazzled to find out that the #1 elementary Charlotte Mason math curriculum was written by an awesome homeschool mom who spent 10 YEARS visiting English libraries and hanging out at Ambleside, England at Charlotte's teacher college. Richele Baburina is the woman of the Charlotte Mason Math hour. She dug deep and her curriculum yields quite the Charlotte Mason math flare you and your child are surely not to forget. You don't want to miss hearing about her work.

John Holt, on the flip side of this math curriculum coin, was a genius observer. He really knew how to observe kids. In his beloved book, How Children Learn, John takes us on a deep dive into how to observe children with a curious scientist's eye. What he learned is that children learn the BEST when they're babies, BEFORE the school system gets ahold of them and shakes most, unfortunately, if not ALL of a child's natural born curiosity out of them with compulsive school education. Yet, how many of our homeschools are just mini models of "school at home?" Why? It's hard to break out of our own adult mindsets since most of us grew up in the school system, unless you were one of the fortunate few that were homeschooled.

Click here and watch Charlotte Mason Math Vs. Unschool Math.

Charlotte mason Vs. John Holt Unschool Math

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Gloria Brooks aka NatureGlo