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Meet progressive math enrichment and natural sciences eLearning center

mentor and teacher, Gloria Brooks aka NatureGlo.

Why Work with Me?

How I Help
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In my NatureGlo's eScience self-paced online classes, I teach my students to be guided by their own learning curiosity and select projects and activities they can create based on their favorite topic per subject. This kind of self-directed education liberty has given birth to many remarkable, creative student projects.

For most home and school educators, finding the time to create thematic unit studies from scratch is both time consuming and challenging. Many educators get burnt out or give up turning to boxed curriculum. While I loved combining my love of nature with maths as a child, throughout grade school and college, I hated mainstream math education’s disconnection with the real world. I lost interest in math altogether. It wasn’t until my early 20’s when I discovered that numbers and nature truly are interconnected. I immediately became enthralled with studying these connections. In 2003, I began creating my MathArt course for my students which shows the real life interconnected relationships there are between math, science, art, history and literature.

My online science classes are geared for students who love the plant and animal kingdom, want to learn more about them while helping parents meet state requirements across the core subjects. MathArt, while not a full math curriculum, can be supplementary or a total unschool math solution. It will show your learner what’s missing in most math curriculum – inspired real life connections!

I offer over 20 online video courses for children interested in math and the natural sciences. MathArt is a study that introduces learners to the connections there are with math, nature, history, geography, art and more. 

My Passions

I’m passionate about participating in the alternative education movement. I LOVE helping parents transition from being chained to a curriculum to liberating themselves and their learners to follow their child's learning curiosities. I'm thrilled to share the natural world with youth and show them how to make fun and creative learning connections with nature. My hope is our online community will fall in love with the natural world. As Jacques Cousteau said, “People protect what they love.”

Creative Inspired Child Self-directed Learning

Since I was a child, I taught myself to make connections between school subjects and the natural world. At the tender age of 8, I had an incredible creative moment that foreshadowed my future education methods. As a child, with my paper, scissors, tape, a pencil and crayons in hand, I proceeded to make tiny booklets combining elementary math problems decorated with pictures I drew of marine life I had read about at my grandparents house. In just a few minutes, I developed my first child self-directed math/science living books combining my study of marine life with the core subject I was learning and struggling with in school – math. I have preserved and kept those little booklets through all the transitions of my life to this day.