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About NatureGlo

NatureGlo full-time RVer and online homeschool math and science teacher
NatureGlo, full-time RVer and homeschool online math and science teacher and curriculum developer.

I’m Gloria Brooks, founder, and director of NatureGlo’s eScience (NeS). NeS is a nature lover’s eLearning center providing neutral worldview math enrichment (MathArt) and science live and self-paced online courses and curriculum for home and school educators and students. When I say I teach from a neutral worldview, it means, I teach from a non-faith based viewpoint. I also do not address origins in my direct teaching, including Creation nor Evolution.

What’s the name NatureGlo from? It’s a nickname I gave myself years ago when I fell back in love with studying and being in the natural world since childhood.

I’m passionate about sharing the natural world with youth, with hopes they too will fall in love with it. As Jacques Cousteau said, “People protect what they love”, and our environment and resources are indeed in need of more of our love and protection!

This is me in the summer 2010 Havre de Grace, MD, MAPS Meet (Mid-Atlantic Primitive Skills Meetup) making fire by friction.

I’ve been teaching since 1997, hold a BA in K-12 education and received the Kamana 1 and 2 program certificates from the Wilderness Awareness School from 2009 – 2010. I’ve been teaching in private education since 1997, and homeschool students since 2010.














NatureGlo’s eScience began as an in-person, nature-based homeschool program called Heathcote Art & Science Center (HASC) at Heathcote, a residential farm, and community in Freeland, Maryland. I ran HASC with my assistant Anne, from fall 2010 to spring 2011. Anne and I served 16 multi-age homeschool students with thematic learning through hands-on outdoor experiences at Heathcote’s beautiful 112-acre wooded valley. This location afforded us amazing nature connecting opportunities such as hiking, stream exploration, birding, organic gardening and much more, four days a week! Running a nature program like this was truly a dream come true.

Here I am with my HASC homeschool students looking at nature's patterns found in fruits and vegetables. Fall 2010.
My HASC students trekking off for our first hike on Heathcote's amazing 112 acres of wooded land. Fall 2010.

In March 2011, during the HASC program, I also began teaching live online math and science classes to multi-age homeschool student with This is when I began developing my digital curriculum published in this store.

This is me at 8 years old with my very first handmade marine biology curriculum!

A long time dream, I have always had an affinity for writing curriculum, an ambition I’ve had since I was 8 years old! In 1981, When I was 8, I wrote three of my very first ocean themed mini booklets composed of little cut up paper pieces drawn and colored in Crayola and taped together. This mini-curriculum features simple to “harder math problems”. Have a look at the yet existing curriculum below! It’s amazing that I still have it. It’s a true relic! I’ve since recently written and published two companion curricula to these earlier works called, Dramatic Deep Sea Creatures 8-lesson Mini-course and Marine Fish of the World with Coral Reef Fish.

A perpetual nomad since I was 17, I’ve been a full-time RVer since 2013, living in a campervan with my dog Rochelle Claire (the cute silver-gray dog that photobombed me in the top photo). Many of the photographs I use in my PowerPoint lessons are taken from my RVing travels around the west coast, USA. ​

NatureGlo from the desert, to the mountains and the shore. Image left: Me at Slab City, CA fall 2015, middle image, a beautiful creek stream in Yosemite, fall 2015 and finally to the Oregon shore in Summer 2014.

Welcome to NatureGlo’s eScience! I hope you enjoy a good look around here. Put up your feet, stay a while and watch out for the next exciting resources that arrive here!