How to Gameschool Language Arts

How To Gameschool Language Arts

Gameschooling Language Arts is pretty simple. You can start with board games you already might have on hand: think Scrabble, Mad Libs, Apples to Apples, Boulderdash, Trivia, to name a few, or ones not mentioned here that have Language Arts elements such as reading, writing, storytelling, listening, summarizing, and pretending. Watch my video below about … Read more

How To Gameschool The Classics

How To Gameschool The Classics

This week, I’m on the kick of Gameschooling. Why? It’s February. This is the season for spicing up the homeschool routine because the winter doldrums can hit most homeschoolers pretty hard with boredom, restlessness, stir craziness (if you’re cooped up inside), and curriculum burnout. It’s cold out for many of us in the Northern hemisphere. … Read more

3 Secrets For How To Start Gameschooling


Learning the Value of Free Play and Gameschooling at a Middle School Boarding School During the fall of 2019, I did something crazy and way, way out of my comfort zone. I took a full-time job as a Pre-algebra teacher AND boarding house parent at the Arthur Morgan School (AMS) for middle schoolers in Burnsville, … Read more