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Are you tired of the constant and continual homeschool math struggles and fights complete with tears?

Do you wish for more fun and natural math learning for your kids? Read on, my friend!

I'm Gloria Brooks. Here's the rather

remarkable backstory about my guide, 

Math Learning Secrets

It was the summer of 1997 and I was 23. I had recently graduated the previous year with my bachelor’s in K - 12 education and recently finished my first year of teaching in a private school.


The hardback book I picked up at the used book sale. Copyright: Time Life/David Bergamini

I was at a used book sale where I casually picked up an old, worn 1969 Time Life blue hardback book (image left) very simply called Mathematics by David Bergamini. When I opened it up, I was enthralled by the images connecting math with nature, art, science, and architecture.

Not one day in any of my schooling, from primary, secondary, to college, had I ever been taught these beautiful math with real life connections. How woefully too late it was that my math education lacked any knowledge taught to me and the rest of my classmates about any of this! 

Yet, there I was at this used book sale, being introduced to these math concepts for the very first time in an old beat up Time Life hardback book, literally the year JUST after I graduated from college! 

Here was my relationship with math as a student growing up: I was disinterested in math. I always rushed to get through and complete any of my math class work or homework just to get by, please my parents, and get the grade.

In school, for me, math was always abstract, lifeless, dry, and yet another subject I had to trudge through every single school day just to get a passing grade. 

I absolutely dreaded the higher maths in high school, especially Algebra and Geometry. 

I could have definitely used inspirational boosts by being shown how the higher maths connects with real life!

What was worse, after I left the book sale and went home to do research about these numbers, I couldn't find out very much more information about "living math" on the Internet or at the local libraries.  I found a few more old books about it at a couple of thrift stores. 

Lastly, I did manage to find a set of 8 photographic posters online illustrating nature's patterns. I ordered them and put them up on my classroom wall. That was it.

Deeply disappointed that I couldn't find anymore information about nature's numbers after months of research, I soon gave up my hunt and forgot all about the "living math".

Fast forward to 2003. It was my 7th year as a private school elementary teacher. I was burned out and exhausted leading a multi-grade classroom of 3rd - 5th graders in a tiny private school of 30 students in Newark, DE. 

I couldn’t see my way out of the endless days of grading, testing, using boring curriculum, and asking the same students to please stop talking and interrupting me for what felt like the millionth time.

There's a better way for kids to learn math

I knew something was missing and that I needed to change how we did math and the rest of the subjects. Many of my students weren't getting or connecting with math. It was more and more becoming the DREADED hour when I taught math.  

I was tired of using the same old curriculum year after year. I was weary and discontented with the whole scene of traditional education, especially with math, but...

I didn’t know any other way but to be an automaton and keep using a math curriculum to ensure my students were ready for the next grade.

I felt stuck. I had this sinking feeling that I was failing at teaching math to my students in such an uninspiring way and that I could do so much more for them. But, I didn't know how.

Then, one day, just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore in a traditional classroom... 

Don Tolman, a health and wellness teacher, came to our school to do a series of health and education seminars. 

He talked about his special weight loss food called Pulse. Pulse is a mixture of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, seeds and legumes. What was unique about the Pulse was that the portions of food were all carefully measured out and prepared according to a proportion called the golden ratio (1.618...). My ears perked up at his words, the golden ratio. The math connections didn't stop there.

Don went on to teach us about nature’s numbers, patterns, and shapes, which totally grabbed and riveted my attention.

He showed us beautiful connections there are between math and nature. He shared about the Fibonacci number series (0, 1, 1,2 ,3 ,5 ,8 ,13 ,21 , 31...etc) found repeatedly in nature. 

Don pointed out nature's five most common patterns: spirals, hexagons, fractals, concentric rings, and lines all found in plants, animals, and even the human body!

Don called it "living math".

At long last! I had finally found the living math again!

Or rather, at last, it had found me again!

These simple yet profound truths about math’s connections with real life re-awakened something within me.

Before his seminars were over, I was on the Internet again researching nature’s numbers and patterns. This time around, I found an explosion of information about the Golden ratio, Fibonacci, numbers, and nature's numbers, patterns, and geometric shapes.

Now that the information was at my fingertips, I was hooked on learning all I could about nature's numbers and how I could present them to my students in math class.

After Don’s seminars I became a ravenous researcher of nature’s numbers and patterns almost overnight. 

I obsessively filled 24 thick three-ring binder notebooks with all the resources I could possibly print out from the Internet and university libraries.

On and on my research went.

Not only did I research nature's math, but, I got outdoors with my camera every single day after school looking for, photographing, videoing, and journaling my observations of math found in nature like a treasure hunt. 

I enthusiastically shared my new found math/nature passion with my 3rd - 5th graders. My enthusiasm became infectious among my 15 students! 

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Here's How It All Began To Really Take Off: When My 5-step Math System Put Me And My Math Students Way Ahead Of My Colleagues in Every Private School and Homeschool Program I Taught at. 

I spoke with my principal and shared my passion of this "living math" with him. And then something truly miraculous happened...

My principal asked ME to create a new course that I could teach to both the elementary and middle school classes called Math Lab. I said yes, and that is how my 5-secrets math system was born. 

My mathematical life changed forever for me and the thousands of school and homeschool students I’ve taught my 5-secrets math system to, also called MathArt. 

Now that I see the beauty and wonder of mathematics everywhere around me, I want to continue to share my 5-secrets math system with young people (and their parents) all around the world. 

And today, I'm excited to announce that the condensed version of my 5-secrets math learning system is ready to be released! It's the same system I've used to teach thousands of homeschool and school kids since 2003!


Math Learning Secrets: 

The 5 Secrets Pre-K - 12 Homeschool Math System Creating Lifelong Learners Through Fun & Real Life Connections Guide

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Finally, I have boiled down and put together my secret sauce math learning system into just 37 pages that I began creating and perfected for my own school and homeschool students since 2003.

I’ve decided to let you homeschool parents benefit from all the hard earned and won math learning frameworks I’ve put together so that you can help your pre-K - 12 kids not only fall in love with math by seeing its beauty everywhere around them, but, start applying math in their everyday lives.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Discover

Inside of This Guide:

Part I: Foundations


The true story behind how real life math found me and transformed me and my students forever so that you can experience the same transformation in you and your own family’s homeschool math creating lifelong learners.


I show how compulsory math education is basically bogus so that you can liberate you and your family through relaxed homeschool methods thus shielding your family from all the unnecessary math curriculum mainstream education forces on kids. 



A vivid illustration of a child engaging in real world maths according to their interests so that you can start implementing the 5 secrets right away in your home math education.

Part II: The 5-secrets System For

Inspired Math Learning


The true story behind how real life math found me and transformed me and my students forever so that you can experience the same transformation in you and your own family’s homeschool math creating lifelong learners.


I  teach you to really learn to see math everywhere around you so that you can teach your children the same skill. Don’t worry, it’s super easy to learn once you pick up the tools I give to you in this chapter.


Create Learning centers that your child will love to engage with math in so that they’ll become lifelong learners and fall in love with math.


Learn to play with math so that you can better communicate and connect with your kids because play is the language of learning for them.


After you and your child have set up a rich learning environment together, you’ll learn to guide them through the learning center so that they develop great learning habits for independent lifelong learning.

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Here’s Why This System Would

Normally Cost $775

If I were to train and coach you one-on-one to learn how to implement this system, it would easily take about 8 hours of training to implement all of the secret systems and make sure you understand them. At $100 per hour, that would turn out to be a pretty expensive day, like it usually does with private one-on-one coaching. 

One of the reasons I can offer this system to you so cheaply is because I won’t be mailing you a physical book. Instead, you get the entire ebook and all the bonuses INSTANTLY!

Because of that, I’m releasing the Math Learning Secrets Guide  today at the lowest possible rate.

Normally $775 Today just $7


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Gloria Brooks

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Minecraft golden ratio by homeschool student

I Loved That He...

My son was inspired to do his golden rectangle on Minecraft. He was pretty excited, and I loved that he could do it in a way that gets him excited about it.

DESIREE WINZ  //  Homeschool Mom

Homeschool hands-on math

My Children Loved...

My children loved the options of all of these multi-sensory things to do. They worked in groups on various activities throughout our studies.

HILLARY MOORE  //  Homeschool Mom

...math has always been a cold, empty, meaningless subject to me...Now, I realize...

The more I learn in MathArt, the more I realize the infinite number of ways math can be used. I have absolutely despised math since I was old enough to add and subtract; therefore, math has always been a cold, empty, meaningless subject to me...Now, I realize that math is in fact a helpful tool. Once I began thinking of math as the key to imagination, rather than the locked door that blocked creativity, I noticed a change in my art.


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