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Gloria Brooks 

Relaxed Eclectic Homeschool & Unschool Coach & Teacher

I help homeschoolers and teachers nurture learner-centered, and child self-directed nature-based education so they can liberate their learning from academic drudgery.

NatureGlo's eScience, serving thousands

of homeschool & school kids since 2010

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"Gloria covers the content in a professional, advanced, scientific, yet understandable way. I wondered at first if my junior high and elementary students could follow along. But Gloria combines common language and scientific language beautifully, so that elementary kids can understand the basics and older kids can be introduced to more advanced scientific terminology."

Melinda Ledman - Homeschool mom

Melinda Ledman and Family

"My children have taken several months’ worth of NatureGlo's science classes with Gloria Brooks - studying both herpetology and deep sea marine biology. As a parent, I love both the provided structure and the flexibility that the courses offer. I was able to easily adapt the activities to accommodate my elementary, middle, and high school aged children."

-Sandra Girouard - Homeschool mom

Stop fighting your kids and let them

lead in what they're interested in learning. 

NatureGlo with homeschoolers showing them patterns in fruits & veggies.

If you're stuck in a homeschool rut trying to get your kids excited to get up every morning to homeschool, or you've homeschooled for a few years now but aren't excited with your results, it's not your fault! If you're tired of fighting the kids trying to get them to fill out the latest workbook sheet and thinking there must be a better, easier way to homeschool, you're not alone! 

You want to be able to be creative and follow your kids greatest learning curiosities without your current stress. But, you're afraid if you veer too far off the mainstream beaten educational path, they'll miss something important and you might ruin them for life. You want more learning joy and less groans and tears.

So that's why I've put together this short to-the-point, yet powerfully effective unit study planner, so you can finally start planning your homeschool learning focused on your child's greatest learning interests while also covering their other academic subjects.

I don't want you to be in the same rut 6 months from the Create Your Unit Study Planner template below now to get started today!

Leanne Homeschool Parent

Gloria was both willing and able to assist students in learning about things that they were interested in...

"This was an excellent course for those who are interested in an unschooled approach to learning. Gloria was both willing and able to assist students in learning about things that they were interested in and providing numerous resources for them to choose from."

Annette's Vellenga's son MathArt Student

"I plan to work my way through all these courses Mom, I really like them."

I really like that it gives me a choice as to what project I can do.”

“I plan to work my way through all these courses Mom, I really like them. Make sure you tell them that!


Since 2011, I've had the privilege of teaching/facilitating thousands of homeschool and unschool students around the globe. 

I hold a BA in K - 12 education, certificates from the Wilderness Awareness school, and over 20 years of eclectic teaching and child self-directed learning experiences in private schools, and now homeschool online courses through NatureGlo's eScience (NeS). 

NeS is a one-stop nature-based eLearning center for ages 10 and up helping your kids fall in love with the natural world while covering their other academics.