Add Math Connections to your science homeschool curriculum: Teach Yourself

This infographic will teach you ways you can add math to your homeschool science curriculum. Adding math to science not only inspires students to view math differently, but helps motivate them to want to learn and do math.

Homeschool moms and dads, do you and your learners suffer from math and science curriculum boredom or burnout? Are you tired of the busy work and curriculum preparation overwhelm? Eradicate boredom and overwhelm and have a look at NatureGlo’s free resources and upcoming interactive live online and recorded self-paced class options below.

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NatureGlo’s live & self-paced online classes:

Dramatic Deep Sea Creatures 6-week pre-recorded self-paced class.

deep sea creatures online course

Students go on a virtual journey each week and discover some of nature’s most bizarre creatures in the great abyss. Topics studied in this course include deep sea fish, sharks, jellies and more! Recommended ages are 10 and up. Younger advanced students are welcome to join.

The Golden Ratio & the Fibonacci Numbers: Math Connections with the Real World 6-week live or recorded self-paced class.

Math Connections with the Real World Course

Students learn about nature’s surprisingly beautiful numbers discovered and implemented by humanity since ancient times in art, architecture, and science. We study the golden ratio (1.618) also called phi, and the Fibonacci number series (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13…etc.). Recommended ages are 10 and up. Younger advanced students are welcome to join.

Meet the teacher!

NatureGlo, a full time RVer in the western US, has been teaching young people since 1997. She hold’s a bachelor’s degree in K – 12 education and has taught thousands of students of all grades and most academic subjects. 

NatureGlo’s private school teaching experience has always been and continues to be liberated from standardized curriculum and teaching to the test. All of her curriculum since 1997 has been written by her and piloted with her students all throughout her teaching career.

She has had the opportunity to develop her own unique style of teaching through the unit study approach which combines several educational philosophies including Montesorri’s mixed ages, Charlotte Mason and child-led learning. All of her classes have a nature-based foundation. 

She found her niche in teaching zoology, marine biology, rocks and minerals, botany, and a unique math enrichment course, called MathArt. She has been teaching live online courses to homeschool students since 2011.