Learn Math with Ancient Egyptian History!

This lapbook will aide your learner in seeing connections with the famed Golden ratio (1.618) and the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

What is it like to experience defragmented learning? 


Modern education loves to compartmentalize core subjects such as math, english, reading, writing, and art etc. What if your children could experience unit study style academics that connects your child’s love for science and or math with other core subjects in a much more deeper scholarly way than your average unit study? 

NatureGlo’s eScience connects the leading subjects of mathematics or zoology with core subjects, art and even music. This allows students with a love and passion for learning math and zoology to bring in the rest of their necessary academics. This method of study saves time and causes deeper learning connections across the curriculum. It liberates students to learn in a more living and fluid way that relates to how we learn in everyday life rather than the disconnected and fragmented ways traditional education typically offers us in both a school setting and boxed curriculum. 

My MathArt classes are a study across mathematics history and combines ancient history, art, math, science and more. Teaching and learning does not have to be fragmented and detached. Real life learning combines numerous disciplines that your child can start experiencing today!


Student Learning Outcomes


My students have created amazing learning outcomes by showcasing extraordinarily creative projects and presentations. By following their curiosity, they are free to put their energy into creating innovative projects to share with their family, the class and the world!

I brought my progressive teaching and learning methods and philosophy online back in 2011. Now my classes focus on animal life and mathematics. My students and I make scholarly connections including real world applications which have inspired thousands of homeschoolers and teachers around the world. 

There is plenty of boxed curriculum and scads of online teachers. However, few to none of them offer cross-curricular connections in such a detailed and deeply scholarly way at such a reasonable rate.


What NatureGlo’s eScience Helps Homeschoolers like You Accomplish


I have had many students over the years tell me that difficult subjects such as math and zoology come alive after taking my classes. Students focus their homeschool learning hours on topics that they’re passionate about. Students come away from NeS classes with important academic skills such as keeping a journal, note-taking, project creation, critical thinking. They also learn to see connections across the curriculum for themselves. I’ve been amazed at how much I help homeschool families save time by having their learners study a topic of interest such as math or zoology and incorporate other academics they needed to fulfill their state requirements. Parents can rest assured that their child is covering other academic disciplines. 



Let me take your learner’s education to new levels! 

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NatureGlo’s Best-selling Self-paced Online Classes:

Dramatic Deep Sea Creatures 6-week Online Video Self-paced Class.

deep sea creatures online course

Students go on a virtual journey each week and discover some of nature’s most bizarre creatures in the great abyss. Topics studied in this course include deep sea fish, sharks, jellies and more! Recommended ages are 10 and up. Younger advanced students are welcome to join.

The Golden Ratio & the Fibonacci Numbers: Math Connections with the Real World 6-week Online Self-paced Class.

Math Connections with the Real World Course

Students learn about nature’s surprisingly beautiful numbers discovered and implemented by humanity since ancient times in art, architecture, and science. We study the golden ratio (1.618) also called phi, and the Fibonacci number series (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13…etc.). Recommended ages are 10 and up. Younger advanced students are welcome to join.

Meet the teacher!

NatureGlo, a full time RVer in the western US, has been teaching young people since 1997. She hold’s a bachelor’s degree in K – 12 education and has taught thousands of students of all grades and most academic subjects. 

NatureGlo’s private school teaching experience has always been and continues to be liberated from standardized curriculum and teaching to the test. All of her curriculum since 1997 has been written by her and piloted with her students all throughout her teaching career.

She has had the opportunity to develop her own unique style of teaching through the unit study approach which combines several educational philosophies including Montesorri’s mixed ages, Charlotte Mason and child-led learning. All of her classes have a nature-based foundation. 

She found her niche in teaching zoology, marine biology, rocks and minerals, botany, and a unique math enrichment course, called MathArt. She has been teaching live online courses to homeschool students since 2011.