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What would it be like to see students sitting in their backyard...

finding and journaling about connections between math, nature, art and more all without the pressures of fulfilling someone else's boring curriculum agenda? What if your nature-loving child could actually spend most of their learning day focusing on their passion for nature? That's what we do at NatureGlo's eScience!

What's great about this is kids can do outdoor nature activities more often while making connections with the other core subjects. They'll forget that they're learning history, writing, reading, math, art, music, and science all in one place.

Homeschool brothers integrate math and science

Homeschool brothers, Josh and Kevin did a remarkable project integrating math, science, art, and writing when they drew and described life size crocs. They wrote: "We made crocs out of paper by measuring the length of each croc. The smallest one, Cuvier's caiman was 4'. The American alligator was 13'. The Saltwater croc was 22'.  Finally, the longest one to have lived, now extinct, Sarcosuchus, was 40'."

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I help you cover many of the core subjects while students are studying things they love to learn about - the natural world! I give you the email support you and your child need as they go through the online courses.

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What Our Students Have to Show

My online Marine Biology students, Yana and Ashlyn, chose to do original "MathArt" Leatherback sea turtles exhibiting beautiful mathematical patterns. These beautiful works are an example of many non-compulsory projects my students have done for my online classes.

Hi, I'm Gloria Brooks aka NatureGlo

Once upon a time, I was a frustrated K - 12 teacher burdened by academic bureaucracy I encountered in private schools. I liberated myself from standards based education by walking away from "teaching to the test" and becoming an independent online teacher serving the homeschool community. ​

I hold a BA in K - 12 education, certificates from the Wilderness Awareness school, and over 20 years of eclectic teaching experience in private schools, and now homeschool online classes. Since 2011, I've had the privilege of teaching/facilitating thousands of homeschool and unschool students around the globe. I've taught most academic subjects but fell in love with offering natural science classes and seeing math connections everywhere around us.  

What Our Parents Are Saying:

"Gloria covers the content in a professional, advanced, scientific, yet understandable way. I wondered at first if my junior high and elementary students could follow along. But Gloria combines common language and scientific language beautifully, so that elementary kids can understand the basics and older kids can be introduced to more advanced scientific terminology."

Melinda Ledman - Homeschool mom

Melinda Ledman and Family

"My children have taken several months’ worth of NatureGlo's science classes with Gloria Brooks - studying both herpetology and deep sea marine biology. As a parent, I love both the provided structure and the flexibility that the courses offer. I was able to easily adapt the activities to accommodate my elementary, middle, and high school aged children."

-Sandra Girouard - Homeschool mom

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