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Meet NatureGlo Founder of NatureGlo's eScience

You're a new or seasoned homeschooler. You like the idea of child self-directed education also called unschooling...

but, you're afraid to implement it into your homeschool. You know your kids could handle it and would love it, but, you feel stuck following standardized education methods and using curriculums that don't quite fit your child's learning style, all in the name of "making sure they're ready for life," and "getting the basics." Meanwhile, this is all counterintuitive and slowing down your child's progress for the real high stakes - self-driven lifelong love of learning.

The endless conveyor belt of curriculum is killing your desire to teach and your child's love or any desire for learning. You're tired of trying one curriculum after another that's failing you and your child across much of or all of your academics. Your kids are dreading every minute of their homeschool work and lack motivation. 

Saving your homeschool depends on you and your child finding your tailored groove as child self-directed or unschooling that excites, motivates, and gives your child a personal sense of empowerment in their education with real learning outcomes. Their learning won't result in just another quiz or test grade in your grade book, but rather, tangible evidence your kids demonstrate through real life, showing you and themselves that they're learning! 

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NatureGlo's eScience

Your Child's Love of Learning Since Babyhood Can be Re-ignited and Continuously Fueled.

All children are born with a natural curiosity and burning drive to learn about the world around them. Through the standards based mainstream education's "one size fits all," so many children's natural curiosity and drive for learning gets squashed. Teaching and learning to the test, doing endless workbooks becomes humdrum, disinteresting and so many children sadly lose their natural curiosity and desire to learn anything. Are you ready to ditch the compulsory methods such as grades, tests, workbooks and rigorous curriculum that doesn't tailor to your child's learning style and needs? 

Liberate Your Homeschool Learning is Innovative 

In Liberate Your Homeschool Learning, I teach  parents the child self-directed (unschooling) mindset, methods, and assist you while you rebuild your homeschool from the ground up. I help you turn around a drab, boring, disengaged or constantly disruptive homeschool environment by dropping the curriculum, hierarchical parenting, and deschooling. You will have all the tools you need to transition into a streamlined, peaceful, and successful unschool with amazing learning outcomes you and your children will love! I give you weekly support and mindset training helping you liberate yourself, your children and build the unschool of your dreams!

Join a progressive community of like-minded unschool families.

Let's face it, finding a community of like-minded unschoolers is not easy. Finding one online is still cutting edge. NatureGlo's eScience Unschool (NeSU) provides a global online community experience for unschoolers seeking weekly support for both parents and students. NeSU provides weekly live or recorded unschool classes with email support helping students find, explore and express their learning passions and curiosities. Parents are given access to weekly live or recorded unschool training with email support.

This will be one of the most amazing, eye-opening, and valuable 45 minutes you've ever spent working on your homeschool!

Hi, I'm Gloria Brooks aka NatureGlo

Once upon a time, I was a frustrated K - 12 teacher burdened by academic bureaucracy I encountered in private schools. I liberated my teaching by walking away from "shackled teaching and learning" and "teaching to the test" by becoming an independent online teacher serving the homeschool community. I transitioned from being a hampered progressive alternative educator, to serving like-minded homeschoolers and unschoolers. 

With a BA in K - 12 ed, certificates from the Wilderness Awareness school, and over 20 years of private school and homeschool online teaching experience, I've had the privilege of teaching thousands of students around the globe. I've taught most academic subjects but particularly fell in love with teaching science and seeing math connections everywhere around us all without the usual mainstream educational confines of compulsory grades, testing, subject divisions and standards based curriculum. 

Now I get to focus on what I love doing the most - coaching and mentoring struggling homeschoolers helping them create a streamlined, peaceful and successful homeschool experience by transitioning into child self-directed learning also called Intentional Unschooling.

What Our Parents Are Saying:

"Gloria covers the content in a professional, advanced, scientific, yet understandable way. I wondered at first if my junior high and elementary students could follow along. But Gloria combines common language and scientific language beautifully, so that elementary kids can understand the basics and older kids can be introduced to more advanced scientific terminology."

Melinda Ledman - Homeschool mom

Melinda Ledman and Family

"My children have taken several months’ worth of NatureGlo's science classes with Gloria Brooks - studying both herpetology and deep sea marine biology. As a parent, I love both the provided structure and the flexibility that the courses offer. I was able to easily adapt the activities to accommodate my elementary, middle, and high school aged children."

-Sandra Girouard - Homeschool mom

What Our Students Have to Show

My Marine Biology student, Ashlyn, chose to do this original "MathArt" Leatherback sea turtle exhibiting beautiful mathematical patterns using Zentangle techniques for the left-hand side of the turtle's leathery shell. This is an example of one of many non-compulsory projects my students have done for my online classes.