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Since 1996, Gloria has served hundreds of thousands of K - 12 home and school children and educators worldwide. She has sold hundreds of thousands of books and online courses, popularized the term, "MathArt", and founded the company NatureGlo's eScience helping hundreds of thousands of home and school educators liberate from the typical K - 12 education coercive learning grind.

Find Out How To Overcome Childhood Learning Blocks and Phobias,

Through Child Self-paced Unit Studies That Your Kids Will Love!

NatureGlo founder of NatureGlo's eScience

Our Mission

Back in 2003, I was a burnt out brick and mortar private school teacher looking out across my classroom into the glazed eyes of fifteen 3rd - 5th graders sitting bored in rows of desks while I dragged them through another year's gauntlet of our boring curriculum. ​

At the end of the school year, I looked down at my students report cards and the figurative "bloody mess" results from the mainstream education gauntlet, of which, some of my students couldn't quite make it through, and I had to unfortunately "fail" some of them and keep them back another year. I realized that I had to find a better way. ​

"Test prep more!" ​

Just. No.

With the "rules" of education constantly changing and education fads like Common Core galore, I begged, "where's the joy of learning found in all of that? I got frustrated by the amount of work I put into my teaching compared with the learning results I saw in my students dreaded report cards, which I grew to loathe.

In 2017, I decided there had to be a better way, and thus, NatureGlo's eScience relaxed home and school educators MathArt and natural sciences online unit study courses and educators curriculum was born. It's jargon-less open and go PowerPoint lessons for educators and child self-paced online unit study courses, here we go!

If you're a time-strapped homeschool or unschool parent whose kiddos LOVE studying about animals and want a facilitator/tutor to guide them, you're in the right place. Or, if you're a teacher that has gotten frustrated with the mainstream education agenda and red tape to stuff every child into a one-size-fits-all, teaching to the test, and or you're sick and tired of that boxed curriculum, I've been there too. You're in the right place!

What Did I Do to Escape the

Mainstream Education Rat Race?

I started visiting and studying alternative schools such as Sudbury, Free Schools, and Montessori. I left the traditional teaching classroom setting to apprentice and deschool at a homeschool Open Classroom program. I started laying my own educational strategies to create a learning system that works for any homeschool parent or teacher willing to let go of the "foolish schoolish" mindset.

What I believed then: I had to do all of the leading and use coercive methods and rewards to get kids to want to learn.

What I KNOW now: Childhood learning can be easier (and faster) when you have a proven plan, customized to your child's learning interests and needs.

So, how can I help you today?

My name is Gloria Brooks, and I help new & stuck homeschool parents and teachers deschool using the world’s simplest and most natural learning strategy, unit studies.

We are in a new era of education, where you no longer need a brick and mortar school, a hired tutor or mis-matched teacher colleagues (been there too) to have amazing learning experiences for kids - You CAN do it yourself - facilitate kids learning either online as an independent teacher, in the classroom, or at home with your kiddos. ​​

Check out my most popular online unit study offers below, best suited for kids ages 8 and up.

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