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This lapbook will help your child learn math and history in an inspirational way with applications to the famed Golden ratio (1.618) and the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

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Hi, I'm Gloria Brooks aka NatureGlo

Once upon a time, I was a frustrated K - 12 teacher burdened by academic bureaucracy I encountered in private schools. I liberated my teaching by walking away from "shackled teaching and learning", "teaching to the test" and Common Core by becoming an independent online teacher serving the homeschool community. I transitioned from being a hampered progressive alternative educator, to serving like-minded eclectic homeschoolers. My methodologies include unit studies, learner-led, notebooks instead of textbooks, with a flare of unschool.

With a BA in K - 12 ed, certificates from the Wilderness Awareness school, and over 20 years of private school and online teaching experience, I've had the privilege of teaching thousands of students around the globe. I've taught most academic subjects but particularly fell in love with teaching science and seeing math connections everywhere around us. 

In 2003, I began developing my MathArt online course - helping amazing school and homeschool families achieve marked results in their math and science learning experience.

Now I get to focus as an independent educator teaching and doing what I love most - helping your child learn math and science in new yet anciently forgotten ways, with the bonus of seeing the connections they have  across the curriculum!

NatureGlo's eScience

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Why Choose NatureGlo's eScience?

Your Child Can Learn to Love Math & See its Connections Everywhere!

MathArt unit study courses gives students unique tools that enable them to see and apply math everywhere around them in art, nature, and architecture and much more! Additionally, core academic subjects such as history, literature and writing are interwoven throughout the courses. It gives students a rounded picture of our world and universe and their interconnections with math more than traditional math education has time for.

Scholarly Zoology Courses for Students on an Animal Career Track

Zoology classes equip students in fields of interest including veterinary, animal research, management, and education. Students come away with important academic field skills such as keeping a journal, note-taking, project creation, and critical thinking. 

Unit study style academics that connects your child’s love for math & or science with other core subjects.

Unit study style or cross-curricular connections liberate students to learn in more living and fluid ways that relate to how we learn in everyday life rather than the disconnected and fragmented ways traditional education typically offers us in both a school setting and boxed curriculum.

Learners Follow their Curiosity

My students have created amazing learning outcomes by showcasing extraordinarily creative projects and presentations. By following their curiosity, they are free to put their energy into creating innovative projects to share with their family, the class and the world! 

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What Our Parents Are Saying:

"Gloria covers the content in a professional, advanced, scientific, yet understandable way. I wondered at first if my junior high and elementary students could follow along. But Gloria combines common language and scientific language beautifully, so that elementary kids can understand the basics and older kids can be introduced to more advanced scientific terminology."

Melinda Ledman - Homeschool mom

Melinda Ledman and Family

"My children have taken several months’ worth of NatureGlo's science classes with Gloria Brooks - studying both herpetology and deep sea marine biology. As a parent, I love both the provided structure and the flexibility that the courses offer. I was able to easily adapt the activities to accommodate my elementary, middle, and high school aged children."

-Sandra Girouard - Homeschool mom

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